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Reach further with unmissable messages

Your message is important — share it in a way that makes it shine. Engage students, parents, and staff alike with memorable, digestible videos designed to make an impact.

Align everyone on the need-to-know info

Help your most important messages stick the landing. Deliver timely messages to parents and staff, and engage students with the accessible and digestible superpowers of video.

Meet students where they are

Teach students how they want to learn: with video. Capture attention-spans and keep busy brains engaged with a modern-day medium. Pull from Biteable’s on-brand scenes and animations for videos as interesting as they are informative.

Videos you could make on your lunch break

Video creation is now even easier than building a PowerPoint. Type your message to life in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

Video creation created for everyone

No design experience? No problems. Anyone can create high-quality, on-brand videos with Biteable’s intelligent tools and features. Yep, even you (or even your students).

Thrifty, time-saving videos

You’re busy shaping the brains of tomorrow, and we’ve got the tools and discounts to help you do it. Put your message in motion with a powerful Biteable plan at a discount — only for verified educators.

Memorable, measurable success

Bring learning to life with video. Use Biteable’s comprehensive library of scenes and templates to whip together a library of learning videos in a snap — then use analytics to measure the success of every video.

Animations and templates for every message

Choose from thousands of pre-made video templates, scenes, and animations. Find the perfect image or video clip in Biteable’s stock library, or easily upload your own content whenever you need.

Create videos once, update on the fly

Ensure your videos are always relevant with a single version of every video. Easily build a library of on-demand learning videos, and make unlimited updates whenever things change.

Education videos that work wherever you do

How Education teams use Biteable

Education teams around the world use Biteable to reach and engage students, parents, and staff. Imagine what you could achieve.

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How to make branded education videos yourself

What makes the Biteable education video maker different

Strikingly simple

The fastest and easiest video maker available, hands down

Always on-brand

Seamlessly brand your videos without checking your brand book

Collaborative for teams

Create videos and give feedback as a team from anywhere

Templates for everything

Start quickly with education-specific video templates created by the pros

Contemporary animations

Choose from a huge library of animations, icons, and text effects

Record instantly

Easily film yourself, your screen, or gather recordings from others

Create digestible education videos with Biteable