Videos are one of the best ways to communicate with business customers, colleagues or friends. Research has shown that video ads have a higher click-through rate than any other digital format, and one of the most popular, versatile and engaging formats in video is animation. Biteable's animation software tools give access to hundreds animated scenes in different styles of of 2d and 3d animation for you to create great videos - too easy!

Biteable beats the usual animator computer programs with its simple tools and free templates that work for both mobile and desktop digital platforms.

How to make an animated video:

  1. Choose the 2d or 3d animation video template you like – we’ve listed three suggestions below
  2. Sign up or Log in to Biteable (it’s free!)
  3. Start editing the customisable version of your chosen video template
  4. Choose from our huge library of animated scenes in many different styles
  5. Add your own text, photos, colors and sound to customize your video
  6. When you’re done – share your finished creation with the click of a button, or download it to use as you wish

What are the real advantages of simple animation software?

  1. Animation is ageless, genderless and raceless. Animation makes it easy to hit an extremely wide demographic because it is not necessarily linked to any specific age, gender or race, making it a truly global language.
  2. Better information retention. According to Brain Rules by John Medina, if we hear a piece of information, three days later we’ll only remember 10% of it. If we add a relevant picture (or video), we’ll remember 65% of it.
  3. Animation looks great on mobiles. Currently, 50% of mobile traffic is online video. Because of its simple, stylized nature, both 2d and 3d animation can look bolder and clearer on a small mobile screen.
  4. Longer video engagement rates. Animation is fun, engaging and visually dynamic, which means it’s easier to keep the attention of on-the-fence viewers longer.

"From my perspective the ease of use is the main seller, I can create a video in under 15 minutes that is high quality."

— Geoff Huens

Animation Software Can Do Things That Live Action Can’t

  • Animation can literally do anything. If you want a unicorn wearing a tutu riding the Loch Ness Monster through space, animation can do it. Live action only dreams of being able to do what animation does every day.
  • Seamlessly integrate brand colours and logo. With an animated video you can limit and control colors more easily than with a live action video, tying your business brand more effectively to your promotional message. Clean, vector-style images will cohere with most modern logos better than live footage too.
  • Keep it simple. Any message should be pared down to the bare essentials in order to communicate effectively. When presented with material containing simple text and graphics, people are more likely to ‘get’ your message and retain the information.
  • Look professional. If you’re using video for your business, animation looks slick and polished because it’s easy to achieve naturally high production values compared to a badly lit and poorly acted video shot on someone’s smartphone.

Here are some of the great animation videos made for free by some of our Biteable creators: