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Why Use YouTube to Advertise Your Business?

YouTube has become one of the first places people turn to when marketing their business. Why? For starters, it has over a billion viewers, almost a third of all people on the internet. It’s also a great place to put videos so you can easily link back to or embed them somewhere, and the videos are automatically mobile and tablet-friendly.

The vast majority of videos viewed on other social media sites are links to YouTube videos. This is changing however, with sites like Facebook and Twitter giving priority to ‘native’ videos (i.e. videos uploaded directly to the site rather than a link to YouTube or another third-party site). It is probably worth the effort to download your Biteable video and then upload it directly to each social media site you are targeting.


Questions to Consider

  1. Are your customers on YouTube? And if so, what are they doing there? People go to YouTube for two main reasons: to be informed or entertained. Therefore, you may need to tailor your content to those expectations. For example, if you’re a plumber, post a series of videos detailing the strange things you’ve found clogging up pipes (entertaining), or you could post short how-to videos in order to establish you or your business as an authority in the field (informative).
  2. What’s your aim? Are you using YouTube to build brand awareness, to drive traffic to your website or as a place to put your videos so you can link them to your website or mailouts?
  3. How does YouTube marketing compare with other social media? People using YouTube are probably not there to look for your product or business, so you may find that YouTube videos are not as effective as a Facebook page. The most successful advertising campaigns on YouTube have been highly creative and entertaining viral videos that people shared, effectively creating brand awareness, such as the Old Spice commercials. YouTube is best at a sort of solid ‘slow-burn’ or long-term advertising strategy as opposed to more immediate (and possibly more disposable) platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but bear in mind that any social media presence can influence how visible your website is to search engines.

Love your platform, it really solves a problem from a cost and ease point of view.

— H. Bolt, Bolt property

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