Create impactful videos with Biteable’s voice-over tools

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Make your message heard

Create digestible, accessible videos with Biteable’s Voice-over tools. Upload a voice-over to make your message reach further

Simplify complex messages

Overcome information overload with Voice-over. Break down complex topics, deliver engaging how-tos, and turn confusing information into digestible messages.

Accessible for everyone

Accessibility is one of video’s superpowers. Pair voice-overs with on-screen text to create accessible messages made for your entire team.

Don't sacrifice the soundtrack

You don’t have to sacrifice the soundtrack for your voice-over — we’ve got space for both. Choose a soundtrack and upload your voice-over/s to make your video shine.

Use Cases

Business explainers

Explain who you are and what you do with a seamless, snazzy VO.

Educational videos

Educate every type of learner with info-packed voice-overs.

Product demos

Walk customers through the ins and outs of your product with voice-over.


Make your most important messages loud and unmissable.

Adam Walleser Fullscript

“I used Biteable to create a pretty fancy video that was simple but effective. I used voiceover and music. The timing and simple animations had a really big impact. It was different. People hadn’t seen that level of video at my org before.”

Create unmissable videos with Biteable's Voice-over tools