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Three different angles of a coffee cup on a saucer, each with a heart-shaped foam design, portrayed in a biteable video maker style, on a wooden table.

Image resizer​

Resize your images for social media or to custom dimensions.

A group of five colleagues celebrating in an office, throwing papers in the air, with a video to gif logo and a video play icon overlay.

Convert GIF to video

Convert your GIF to a MP4 video in one click with our GIF to video converter.

A collage featuring icons for video, analytics, and gif formats overlaying a diverse group of cheerful friends taking a selfie.

Convert video to GIF​

Convert your videos to GIFs with our fast, easy, and free online video to GIF tool.

A smiling man waving hello, sitting casually on a sofa, with a Biteable video maker interface in the foreground.

Extract audio from video

Extract the audio from any video file with one click.

A professional woman in a suit smiling at a laptop in an office environment, with a Biteable video maker icon indicating digital editing or cutting.

Video trimmer​​

Chop off the footage you don’t want. Keep only the good stuff.

A woman reading a book at a desk with a small dog lying on the floor beside her, creating content for Biteable video maker.

Crop video​​

Crop your video to the right shape for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

A group of three people collaborating and looking at a computer screen, with a Biteable video maker interface in the foreground.

Remove audio from video​​

Magically remove the audio from your video. Replace it with music (if you like).

Upward view of skyscrapers against a clear sky, with icons suggesting a Biteable video maker interface for different moods.

Add music to video​​

Add a track to your video from our royalty-free library or upload your own.

A screenshot of a digital monthly report for September 2022 being edited on a computer screen, created with Biteable video maker.

Add text to video​​

Complete your video with animated text. Write where you want and animate it instantly.

Modern office space juxtaposed with a smiling man working at his desk, showcasing the Biteable video maker.

Video merger​​

Combine video clips into a single piece of footage. Add transitions with ease.

A woman with glasses smiling and working on a laptop in a bright room, depicted in a series of overlapping images with a circular cutout, crafted using Biteable video maker.

Video resizer​​

Change the size of your video for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

A professional woman in a meeting room with colleagues in the background, using Biteable video maker.

Convert image to video​​

Turn your image into a video in just a few clicks. Add effects and text.

Collage depicting digital communication icons, a smiling individual's profile picture, and group of people in blue attire with yellow safety helmets created with Biteable video maker.

Montage maker​​

Create a video montage from images and footage.

Professional woman holding a tablet with graphic elements suggesting digital analytics or data management, showcased in a Biteable video maker.

Add image to video​​

Insert a picture or photo into your video creation.

Graphic design of a login interface with a diamond icon using Biteable video maker.

Watermark maker​​

Upload a custom watermark to feature your logo throughout your video.

Professional woman gesturing during a Biteable video maker call with a contact icon overlay.

Add frame to video​​​

Focus your viewer’s attention with an eye-catching video frame.

Performance metrics dashboard with views, completed tasks, locations statistics, and Biteable video maker analytics.

Video analytics​​​

Measure the impact of your message with video analytics.

Digital advertisement created with Biteable video maker, featuring a 'find out more' call-to-action button.

Add button to video​​​

Include a clickable call-to-action at the end of your video.

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