Royalty-free music soundtracks for video

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Soundtracks that are more than just music

The right soundtrack makes or breaks a punchy video. Choose the right sound every time with Biteable’s one-of-a-kind library.

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Music that masters emotion

Hit all the right notes with soundtracks designed to make your audience feel things that take your message further.

Look and sound unmissable

Choose from hundreds of soundtracks as versatile and scroll-stopping as your video.

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Make your brand louder

Match your music to your brand’s personality with diverse sounds to suit every style

Royalty-free music for every video's mood

Elevate your video with soundtracks for every message. Filter soundtracks by your video’s vibe — from country to funk.

Press play on a few of our favorite tracks

Current mood: Listening to some good tunes. Sample some of our royalty-free tracks below, or hear them all in Biteable.

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Where to find royalty-free soundtracks

Create a video project in Biteable

Choose a template or start from scratch.

Click the music icon in the timeline

Click the "Choose soundtrack" button — it looks like a music note!

Browse all tracks or filter by genre

Use the genre drop-down to filter by style. Press the play button to preview a track.

Select a track to add it to your video

Select your favorite track and hit "Save" to add it to your video.

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Create unmissable videos with Biteable's soundtrack library