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Make informative explainer videos that are guaranteed to leave your viewers feel smart. A video explainer does this and so much more. Use Biteable’s explainer video software to bring your vision to life in less time than it takes to order takeout.

How to make an explainer video in a snap

Pick an explainer video template or start from scratch.

Add new scenes, text, pictures, animations, and music with the touch of a button.

Auto-brand your video explainer with your colors and logo. Biteable’s brand builder tool does it in a single click!

Download your new explainer video or share it anywhere with a single, trackable link.

On-point templates

Get started with brandable templates, ready-made scenes, and best-in-class animations.

Smart editing

A done-for-you editing experience takes the hard work out of the equation.

Branding made easy

Automatically apply your company colors and logo to your entire video with a single click.

Getting started

Step up your business with video explainers

It’s time to kickstart your marketing strategy with the world’s simplest video maker.

Not only do explainer videos hold a viewer’s attention, but they help people remember who’s providing the information. Explainer videos are easy to make, easy to watch, and they keep your brand prominent in people’s minds. It’s a win-win-win!

Invest a little, get a lot

Biteable is the best explainer video software for the job. Gone are the days of shelling out thousands of dollars for a single explainer video. With a diverse range of templates to choose from, making a video with Biteable packs the same punch at a fraction of the cost — and you can do it yourself, in your web browser.

Pick a template or start from scratch, edit in no time, then sit back and watch the interest grow.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Stress less, explain more

Biteable’s online video maker is so easy, you don’t need any previous video editing knowledge. All you need is something to explain and a couple of minutes to add in some text. And bam! Professional explainer video in the blink of an eye.

With Biteable’s smart editing features, the whole process is a breeze. Drag-and-drop simplicity and done-for-you editing takes all the hard work out of the equation. Make an awesome explainer video by yourself, from the comfort of your couch.

“We saw our conversion rates increase by over 20%, as users were able to see how our product works and is different to everything else out there.”

The basics

Make your explainer video stand out (the easy way)

An explainer video is the way to go if you’re trying to define a concept, service, or idea for your audience. If you’re not sure where to start, Biteable can help.

Say goodbye to boring whiteboard animations. With a huge library of 24+ million stock videos, images, and in-house animated scenes, creating a pro-looking explainer video is so easy people won’t believe you did it yourself.

Let templates do the work for you

You don’t need to be an expert in video production to use Biteable’s video tools. Start with an explainer video templates so the hard work is already done – all you need is a few minutes to customize the videos to your topic and brand.

Simply edit the text, add a handful of relevant clips, and you’ll have an explainer video viewers can’t take their eyes off. Expand your video marketing with a whole range of styles, including live-action, infographics, and animated video.

A smarter explainer video software

With Biteable, it’s easy to give your video that personal touch. Aside from being able to drag-and-drop your own pictures and footage into the online video editor, you can also adjust the text, re-arrange layouts, and add or remove music in a snap.

As the cherry on top, auto-brand the entire video with your company colors and logo in a single click. The result? Professional marketing videos that look like a million bucks. (It’s OK, we won’t tell people you cranked it out in a single coffee break.)

Make a better explainer video with Biteable

See the difference video makes for yourself with a week’s worth of free videos for your business.

Pro tips

Give your animated explainer videos a magic touch

You know what an explainer video does, why you need one, and how to make it. Sure, Biteable makes it easy to get the best explainer video out the door in minutes, but with a little bit more time and polish, you could turn an A into an A+.

Keep it short and precise

It’s tempting to go into too much detail when you’re explaining a topic. Before you know it, you’ve got a messy spider web of information. Here’s the thing: people don’t have particularly long attention spans when watching videos online. You want to make your explainer video precise, to the point, and most importantly, short.

You want your explainer to make like the world’s best secret agent – get in, do the job, and get out quickly. Stick to a single topic and don’t throw in everything you can think of plus the kitchen sink.

Start strong, explain fast

The first few seconds of your explainer video are crucial. You need to capture the viewer’s attention with a question that’s relevant to them, and then answer it fairly quickly.

To make these first few seconds count, know your audience. If you understand who your explainer video is directed at, you can tailor your tone to fit that demographic, further increasing the likelihood they’ll stick around and watch your explainer video to the end.

FAQ: All things explainer videos

We answer your burning questions about all things explainer videos and explainer video makers.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a video used to explain a product or service, a concept, or how to do something. Explainer videos usually last between 30 seconds and two minutes and are placed on high-traffic website landing pages or as a featured video on YouTube and social media. Explainer videos are also useful for internal comms.

Are explainer videos effective?

Explainer videos boost your online presence and brand awareness. Studies show an explainer video can hold viewers’ attention for 70% of the total video length. Explainer videos embedded on social media and websites also boost search rankings because people are spending more time engaging with your content.

How do I make explainer videos the easy way?

To make an explainer video the easy way, follow these steps:

What elements make a good product explainer video?

To make a good explainer video, include these elements:

– Pose the problem your product solves.

– Introduce your product as the solution.

– Explain what your product does and why it’s special.

– Add quotes from customers to prove your product works.

– End your explainer video with a call-to-action.

How long should an explainer video be?

The sweet spot for explainer video length depends on the platform you post on. Follow these guidelines:

– Instagram: 30 seconds or less

– Twitter: 30 seconds or less

– Facebook organic: 3+ minutes

– Facebook ads: 30 seconds or less

– YouTube: 2+ minutes

– Homepage: 90 seconds or less

What is an animation explainer?

An animation explainer uses character animations and/or animated text, combined with music and sometimes voice over, to explain a product, service, concept, or process. An animation explainer is one of the most common types of explainer videos, because it’s easy to make and accessible for audiences.

How do I make an animated explainer video?

To make an animated explainer video:

Create a standout explainer video with Biteable

With Biteable, creating an explainer video has never been easier.

Gain access to hundreds of ready-to-edit video templates, brandable scenes, and unique animations. Build your video explainer in minutes with drag-and-drop features and done-for-you editing tools, all on a seamless, collaborative platform.

Add that extra bit of polish with Biteable’s brand builder feature, which fetches your colors from your website and auto-brands your entire video. Confidently send your explainer videos out into the world, ready to stylishly explain anything and everything.

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