Measure your impact with Biteable’s video analytics

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How to access video analytics in Biteable

  1. Open a recent video project (or create a new one).
  2. Hit “Export”.
  3. Select “Copy link” and share with your audience.
  4. Scroll down to see your views, engagement, and viewer locations.

Video analytics tracks performance in a snap

You sent your video out into the world. Now what?

Whether you’re making a sales pitch or activating your team, you need to know if your content hits the mark. Biteable’s video analytics gives you valuable insight into audience engagement so you can understand what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve things next time around.

Gather up-to-date performance data with real-time reporting. Discover how many viewers watched more than half your video, how many people stayed engaged until the end, and which locations did the most viewing.

With Biteable’s video maker, accessing analytics is even easier than making great content. All it takes is a video you’ve built and a Biteable-generated link that you’ve shared with your team or audience.

1. Open a recent video project (or create a new one)

Start by signing into your Biteable account and opening one of your videos.

If you’re yet to jump into Biteable, create a new account and head over to the video maker. Select a template to kick things off or click ‘Start with an empty video’ for a blank canvas.

2. Export it

Once your video is ready to be shared, hit “Export” to compile your masterpiece.

If you missed something, or if the info in your video changes over time, no problem. Edit and re-export your project at any time. The original link automatically updates with your new and improved video.

3. Share your video

Now it’s time to send your video out into the world. Click “Copy link” and share with your team, audience, or anyone else on Slack, Microsoft Teams, via email, or on your social channels.

Can’t see “Copy link”? Click “Build video” to reveal it.

4. Monitor analytics

And now, the real fun begins. Give it some time to let people watch before checking back on your video analytics. When you’ve got results, it’s time to dig in and analyze them.

Gain deeper insight into how your audience engages with your message, and use your all-knowing powers to make improved, unstoppable videos.

The best service for creatives who need easy solutions for their business. Great templates, amazing video library and soundtracks and simple drag and clicks.

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Create videos that blow your analytics out of the water

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Make your impact measurable with video analytics

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