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Graphic design concept featuring a central light bulb icon surrounded by various design elements and communication icons on a red background.
Your blueprint for building a powerful brand strategy
The competitive landscape is fierce, and standing out requires more than just a product or service. A strong brand strategy is your secret weapon, defining who you are, what you stand for, and how you...
Three colleagues, one Black man and two white individuals, a woman and a man, look at a smartphone and smile together in a modern office setting.
How brands use social media content to grow their business
Social media is an essential tool for any brand looking to grow its business. It provides a platform...
A minimalist graphic of a stylized mountain with a flag on the peak against a gradient blue background, accompanied by stars and a swooping line.
What is Brand Equity? Understanding your brand's value
Standing out from the crowd is crucial for successful businesses. This is where the concept of brand...
Illustration of graphic design tools, featuring a computer screen displaying color swatches, a mouse, color palette, and pencil on a pastel background.
How to create a visual brand style guide
In today’s crowded marketplace, brand consistency is crucial for achieving recognition and building...
Diverse team of professionals engaged in a collaborative discussion using sticky notes on a glass wall. Biteable video maker
How to build a collaborative team and unlock success
In today’s dynamic business landscape, collaboration isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. Teams that work together seamlessly, leverage diverse perspectives, and foster open communication...

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Graphic showing a data workflow in Biteable video maker: a list icon leads to a looping process icon, which leads to a document icon, all on a light blue background.
Your guide to writing effective ChatGPT prompts
Man in a blue plaid shirt sitting with a laptop on his lap and holding a smartphone, smiling in a modern office with large windows, using the Biteable video maker.
Facebook marketing
Graphic design of a purple-themed Biteable video maker interface with a central play button, decorative stars, and abstract shapes.
Your complete guide to creating videos with AI
Woman recording a fashion vlog on her smartphone in a studio with clothes in the background.
Start a YouTube Channel
A collection of play buttons with different designs and sizes on a blue background with a black cursor arrow pointing at one of them.
Choosing the right Biteable template for your next video


A graphic illustrating video editing elements, featuring a clapboard, play button, and image icons on a blue background.
Mastering the art of video creation: Tips & tricks
Graphic of user interface design elements with icons and panels on how to build a visual brand in a modern style on a purple background.
How to build a consistent and memorable visual brand
A graphic of a computer window displaying a Biteable video play button, surrounded by a lightbulb and motion lines, on a purple background.
How to make an explainer video using AI
Woman in a blue striped shirt talking and gesturing with her hands during a Biteable video call, with closed captioning icon visible.
Your guide to video captions: The what, why, and how
Five illustrations on a gradient background, suitable for Biteable video maker; includes a robot, gem, high-fiving people, a downturned arrow with charts, and a woman with a robot.
Where to find characters and animations for your videos
A man sitting on a couch waving at the camera with audio conversion icons and a sound wave graphic indicating mp3 and wav formats, created using Biteable video maker.
How to extract audio from video online for free

Case studies

A stylized illustration of a rocket launch with a planet and stars in the background.
How RockITek made the switch to video for employee onboarding
Illustration of a vintage computer displaying a rocket launch on the screen.
How RockITek used a Biteable video to save a product launch event
Man smiling while looking at a credit card and using a laptop.
How Stax Payments saved 36% on leads with a Biteable video
A stylized graphic of a home office setup with a chair, desk, and computer screen displaying a play button.
How a three-person L&D team educates 15,000 employees with video
Person working on finances with laptop and documents at a coffee shop.
How MediCompare increased conversions and lowered their bounce rate with one video
Two healthcare professionals discussing over a tablet in a busy hospital corridor.
How Healthigo uses Biteable to build buzz at live events


Graphic of a user profile interface with an avatar, text fields, and directional arrows on a light blue background, optimized for Biteable video maker.
Why you need a video resume and how to make one
Three professionals in a meeting, discussing over a digital tablet with positive expressions, using Biteable video maker.
17 fun presentation ideas (with video!) to wow your audience
Three professionals engaged in a collaborative meeting with a Biteable video maker, a laptop, and documents on the table.
23 presentation examples that really work (plus templates!)
A graphic of a computer monitor displaying the youtube video ideas play button, with a lightbulb graphic to its right, all against a coral background.
65 YouTube video ideas: The ultimate list
A set of flat design infographic elements, including charts and graphs, on a red background.
14 key HR metrics (and why they matter now more than ever)
Illustration of user interface elements and online feedback icons on a purple background.
HR best practices for your most successful year yet


A digital illustration of a user interface with a 'add to favorites' button and a favorites icon, symbolizing the action of favoriting an item online.
Introducing Favorites, your new favorite feature
Illustration of a person using a laptop with floating icons representing achievements and notifications on a purple background, created using Biteable video maker.
New brandable characters & icons for your most important messages
Woman gesturing while recording a video on a computer screen.
Capture unmissable messages with Record
A mother and her young daughter sit at a kitchen table, using a Biteable video maker on a laptop together, while a boy plays in the background.
Work from home statistics: The state of remote work in 2022
Four identical 3d animated models of a woman in various poses against a blue background, created with Biteable video maker.
Take your videos to a new dimension with 3D Cindi
A virtual meeting created using Biteable video maker with four participants smiling and waving from individual frames.
Make your content pop with video Frames


A woman smiles while using a tablet in a creative office space with boxes and fashion items in the background. Biteable video maker
How to master marketing as a solopreneur
Digital marketing graphic with icons such as video, A/B testing, messages, and images surrounding a central diamond symbol on a dark blue background.
What is brand management? How it works and how to master it
Five young professionals discussing work documents and a laptop in a lively, modern office setting.
How to supercharge content creation without sacrificing quality
Graphic of a user interface on a coral background, featuring icons, a text box with placeholder text, and a cursor pointing at a button.
Your guide to brand assets and why they're important
Graphic design concept featuring a pencil, color swatches, a smartphone, and a coffee cup, with a placeholder for a logo and text samples on a lavender background.
Branding tips & tricks: Elevate your image in 2024
Graphic depicting data transfer between devices, featuring a computer, smartphone, and tablet connected by arrows and lines on a purple background.
Digital marketing: Your toolkit for online success


Young woman in glasses sitting on a bed with a laptop, joyfully stretching her arms with a pleased expression, embodies the flexible work future.
Flexible work is the future: How to not get left behind
A diverse group of professionals working and interacting at a desk in a modern office, designed to motivate Gen Z, with lush greenery in the background.
How to engage and motivate Gen Z in the workplace
Two connected images of office workers in discussion; some are seated and talking, while others stand and gesture, in a bright, window-lit room designed for a Biteable video maker project.
How to master communication with every personality in the workplace
A woman gestures while talking to colleagues in an office, a man in glasses smiling at her, all around a table with a laptop and whiteboard in the background, utilizing the Biteable video maker for
6 ways to instantly improve workplace communication
A woman in a beige blazer smiling and gesturing during a video call on her laptop in a home office, using Biteable video maker.
The ultimate guide to connecting with customers via video
Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop, using the Biteable video maker, looking away thoughtfully in a well-lit room with plants and shelves.
Avoiding burnout: How to prevent quiet-quitting at work

Human resources

Illustration of a computer monitor displaying an envelope, speech bubble, and video play icon, symbolizing communication and media.
How technology changed workplace communication (so far)
Graphic showcasing Zoom alternatives for a virtual meeting interface with user icons, text bubbles, and multimedia symbols on a purple background.
5 productivity-boosting alternatives to Zoom meetings
Illustration of a flowchart with geometric shapes: a red diamond, a purple flower, and a green oval in Biteable video maker, showing a transformation process between two stages.
When to choose async over synchronous communication
Two stylized human silhouettes facing each other, forming a space where a colorful rainbow emerges, featured in a Biteable video set against a pastel pink and purple sky with clouds.
Psychological safety in the workplace: The secret to happy & productive teams
Digital illustration of a checklist on a clipboard with a profile icon, symbolizing task completion or profile verification.
The complete onboarding checklist for your new hire
Illustration of a magnifying glass over a document with a checklist next to a Biteable video maker's play button, symbolizing content review or verification.
Video recruitment: The easy way to 10x your candidate pool


Teacher assisting diverse group of elementary students using a laptop in a classroom.
5 ways to use video in the classroom
Abstract digital graphic with concentric circles and geometric shapes in purple hues, highlighting a central target and arrow, created using Biteable video maker.
How to create beautiful charts for your data
Group of professionals engaged in a collaborative work session at the office, using Biteable video maker.
15 creative video project ideas for students (and their teachers)

Internal comms

A diverse group of professionals engaging in a discussion while walking through a modern office space.
7 ways to improve your internal communications in the digital age
Four colleagues laugh and discuss around a laptop in a bright office setting, conveying a collaborative and cheerful work environment.
30 video ideas for your comms & culture strategies
Illustration of two stylized chat bubbles, each containing a play button and user avatar, on a purple background, representing online video communication.
How to boost company culture with video
Graphic illustration of a letter and a document surrounded by abstract shapes on a purple background, representing communication concepts.
How to make internal newsletters people will want to read
Illustration of a Biteable video play button on a red gradient background next to a "find out more" call-to-action button.
How to guide and convert with video CTAs
A modern office space with several young professionals engaging in tasks, discussions, and Biteable video maker use, creating a vibrant work environment.
How to maximize workplace productivity with video


Graphic showing a Biteable video maker interface with a central play button flanked by upload and download icons on a gradient red background.
Native upload vs. link sharing: The best way to share your video
Woman in glasses and white blazer smiling during a meeting with a male colleague in a modern office setting.
Outstanding video resume examples to get you hired
A hand holding a card with the Biteable video maker play button symbol against a red background, with a white dashed circle around the card.
Video business cards

Sales enablement

A man analyzing financial data on computer monitors in an office setting.
Video for sales enablement: Empower your sales team
Illustration of a loading bar progressing towards a currency symbol, representing a financial loading or processing concept.
Want execs to invest in your sales team? Prove your worth.
An array of flat design icons symbolizing ideas, user profile, multimedia, finance, and growth on a pastel background.
How to achieve sales alignment with video
Graphic design elements showcasing typography, icons, color palettes, and interface components on a purple background.
How to make engaging videos that stay on brand
Three colleagues collaborating on a project using a laptop in an office setting.
How to amp up your sales team’s successes with video
Increasing business metrics with financial and human resource elements.
Why aligning your sales team matters (and how to get there)

Training & Development

Graphic of a profile view of a human head with layers being peeled off, revealing different shades of blue, set against a soft green background with white dotted lines.
What is Design Thinking, and how is it used to problem solve?
Two professionals, a woman and a man, collaborating over a digital tablet in a bright office space.
Unlocking the future of workplace learning
An illustration of a growth trend in a business context, depicting a rising bar graph, a user icon, and currency symbols, suggesting user growth and financial success.
Sales training with video: A beginner's guide

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