Add watermarks to videos online with the simplest watermark maker

How to use Biteable’s built-in watermark creator

  1. Log in (or upgrade) to a paid plan
  2. Create a video
  3. Upload your custom watermark
  4. Resize and reposition your mark

Add a logo to your video with only a few clicks

Video watermarks are the digital equivalent of putting a sticker label on your stuff. They make your content look more professional and stop people from stealing it. Better still, they help improve brand recall on social media.

We’ve made putting a watermark on video so simple it only takes a few clicks. How’s that for quick off the mark?

1. Log in to your paid plan

We try to jam-pack our free plan with as many features as we can, but this one is a paid plan exclusive.

To add a custom watermark to your creation, make sure you’re logged in to your paid account, or upgrade your plan in just a few clicks.

2. Create a new video project

Start by choosing ‘create new video’ or hit this link to be taken magically into a new video project.

Then upload your video or create a new one from more than 1.8 million images, clips, and animations. If you’re uploading, choose ‘New scene’ in the timeline, followed by ‘Upload’.

3. Add your watermark

Next, go to ‘Video settings’ and toggle ‘Custom watermark’ on. A watermark place-holder will appear in the bottom right corner of your video — you can’t miss it. Tap the + button and select the watermark or logo you want to upload.

4. Edit your watermark

Once you’ve uploaded your watermark, edit by clicking ‘Adjust watermark’. In this panel, you’ll be able to change the shape of the border, the background color, and the scale of your watermark. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save changes’ when you’re done.

Finish up by adding a music track from the Biteable library. Biteable automatically removes audio from uploaded videos so that you can add a crisp, clean track to your creation.

5. Download your video

Preview your video as you go. Once you’re happy with your video and its fancy custom watermark, download your video and set it free to wow the world.

Easy to use and great results. Really nice tool.

Video-making mastermind

Biteable is amazing! I absolutely love this! The videos turn out amazing. I would recommend this to everyone.

A delighted video maker

Watermarked videos: check. What else can we teach you today?

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Watermark like a pro