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Biteable is the best online presentation software for making video presentations - for free! Create a video presentation from scratch using our huge library of animation, movie, and still scene templates. You can also use our free music compositions, or upload your own music, logos and photos. The Biteable online presentation maker has simple user tools, professional animations and music, and a great online library of scene templates to customize into your own movie or slideshow. If you aren’t confident with your video making skills, you could just use one of our pre-made, editable video templates.

How to make a video presentation:

Biteable wants to see you make your own online presentation video as quick as a flash. Using one of our free presentation video templates, you’ll be off to a flying start.

  1. Choose a video template you like – we’ve listed six suggestions below
  2. Sign up or Log in to Biteable
  3. Start editing the customisable version of your chosen template
  1. Be clear. Don’t try to use overly long words and complex jargon to show everyone you’re an expert. The function of a video presentation is to communicate ideas, not bewilder people.
  2. Keep the core message simple. You should be able to sum up your message in a single sentence, and if you can’t, it probably means your audience will end up bored, confused and unable to remember what you were talking about afterward.
  3. Make sure your colors contrast. Biteable’s video presentation maker text is usually white, so for legibility, white and yellow are not great choices for background colors. There are also some slides and photos where the type and background will be the color combination you choose, so if possible, make them as contrasty as possible. Great color combinations are usually a light, warm color (reds, oranges, yellows) with a darker, ‘cool’ color (blues and greens) background.
  4. What is the audience getting out of it? Try to ask yourself what your audience will find useful and/or interesting and pare your script down to just that. Don’t just try to impress everybody by telling them everything you know about the topic.
  5. Proof your text. In a video presentation, nothing will undermine your credibility more than sloppy spelling or grammar. Run your text through a spell-checker but remember that these are far from perfect –  although a word may be spelled correctly, it may be the wrong word in context. If you’re really bad at spelling, it’s worth your time to ask someone who is a good editor to proof your presentation for you.
  6. Have punchy intros and outros. Don’t just launch into the body of your presentation. Bookend your video with a catchy intro or title and end with a flourish. People will remember your presentation if it is neatly summed up for them in some way.
  7. Format your text. When using Biteable, remember that if you just write all your text out on one line, the formatting can appear awkward. You may end up with a small font size or the last word of your sentence on a line all by itself (these are called ‘orphans’ and are avoided by graphic designers). You can format your text by hitting Enter or Return in the middle of a sentence and forcing the remaining type down onto the next line. Experiment with this and the preview function in the presentation maker to get it looking right.

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