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How to add text to video with Biteable

  1. Upload your footage to Biteable.
  2. Add words to your video.
  3. Customize and animate your video text.
  4. Download your video or share it anywhere with a single, trackable link.
Hailey shows you how to make videos with text using Biteable.

Make videos with text in minutes

A picture tells a thousand words, but videos need a little help sometimes. That’s where Biteable comes in. Use the easy, online app to make videos with text in minutes.

In just a few clicks, create custom text that perfectly matches your video. Need something more cinematic? We’ve got you covered with a range of dynamic text animations and fully animated text scenes. Add text to video content with Biteable and you’ll never look back.

1. Upload your footage to Biteable

Begin by logging into Biteable and creating a new video project. Not on Biteable yet? Start your free trial today.

Start a new video from scratch or select a template to get started.

In the Biteable video editor, hit the ”+” icon to add a scene. Upload your own video clip or choose from over 1.8 million stock video clips, images, and animated scenes. You can add text to any scene in your video timeline.

Create videos that drive action

Add text to your videos, and so much more. Create impactful, on-brand videos in minutes with Biteable.

2. Add text to video

Words. Aren’t they amazing? There are literally millions to choose from. Biteable’s online app lets you add as many as you like to your video. Simply type your message into the text box and you’re good to go.

Not sure how long to keep your text on screen? Not to worry. When you use Biteable’s Smart Editor, each video scene automatically adjusts based on the length of text you add. Making videos with text really has never been easier.

3. Customize and animate your video text

Now comes the fun part. Click on your text to drag it anywhere you like. Change the look of your text with the huge selection of built-in fonts, or adjust the color, size, and alignment of your words. You can customize, well, pretty much everything.

Want to get really wild? Animate your text with a single click. Choose from eight options to make your words come alive, including slide in, scale down, or elegant fade.

I love it! So easy to create beautiful videos for my client to use in social media and advertising.

Video-making genius

I would absolutely recommend [Biteable] to anyone looking to create awesome content quickly.

A delightful video maker

Even more than adding text to your videos

When you’re done adding text to your videos and bringing your words alive with animations, colors, and our huge range of fonts, take a gander at the Biteable blog. You’ll find everything you want to know (but didn’t dare ask) about video making and video marketing.

Give your video the text it deserves