Add a clickable button to your video and activate your audience

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How to add a button to your Biteable video

  1. Click “export” to build your video.
  2. Hit “add a call-to-action” to create a clickable button.
  3. Add your (optional) message, button text, and URL link.
  4. For a clickable (and trackable!) version of your video, share it as a Biteable link.

A call-to-action button makes the next step crystal clear.

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You want people to take action after watching your video. And the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to follow through.

Leave no question about what your audience should do next. Biteable’s clickable button feature turns your video into a crystal clear roadmap for action.

Write a short message, customize your button text, and add a destination URL. It’s as simple as that. Set it, forget it, and when you’re ready, visit your Biteable dashboard to track how many viewers took the next step.

1. Log in to Biteable

Create an account and start your free trial of Biteable. No credit card required.

2. Click export to build your video

Create a new video using Biteable’s easy-to-edit templates, one-of-a-kind animations, and huge library of stock footage. Or if you want to add a button to an existing video, just head to your “my videos” tab and click “edit”.

When your video is finished, hit “export” on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Create and customize your clickable button

Select “add call-to-action” to insert a clickable button at the end of your video. This takes you to the customization screen where you can add text to your button and insert a URL link.

To give viewers even more clarity, you can also add a short message above your clickable button. A preview screen lets you see your button as it will appear on your video.

Select “build video” or update changes to your existing video. Your new call-to-action button will automatically be added to your video’s end screen.

For a clickable version of your video, make sure you share it using the Biteable link. If you shared an earlier version without a call-to-action, no worries. Any changes you make will automatically update for viewers who access the video using the link.

Your Biteable link also lets you track analytics on your video and on your handy dandy clickable button. Never again lose sleep wondering if your viewers took action. Yes, yes they did.

Thank you for creating a user-friendly video editing/creating tool. The editing process has been smooth and Biteable makes me look more talented than I am!

Julie, a video genius in the making

You’ve added a button to your video. Now what?

Check out the Biteable blog for video making tips, how-to tidbits, and maybe even a map to hidden treasure.

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