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Celebrate your team with Biteable

Do better than a group card. Create memorable, personalized celebration videos for every occasion — from birthdays to workiversaries.

Assorted greeting cards with celebratory messages and symbols for different occasions.

Celebration videos in a snap

Create a celebration video in less time than it takes to sign the group card. Video templates built by our experts, perfected by you.

Branded Templates

Start with a celebratory template and build your videos in minutes

Diverse animations

Celebrate with hundreds of diverse and customizable animations

Instantly on-brand

Your branding, automatically applied to every video

Rally the team with Record tools

Make your message mean more with first-person kudos from your team. Skip the finicky file transfers and do it all in Biteable.

Record yourself

Record a celebratory message for the milestone or holiday

Record requests

Invite others to celebrate alongside you with a cameo appearance

Record your screen

Showcase the achievements you’re celebrating

A video call interface showing a woman speaking with a smiling man in a smaller window, with a 'start recording' button displayed.
A collage displaying a digital 'kudos to the team!' message, an editor interface titled 'kudos', and a woman clapping hands and smiling.

Powerful videos, minus the fuss

Create a celebration video on your lunch break. Type your video to life, then choose from stock footage, soundtracks, and animations designed to celebrate.

Script mode

Type your video to life in minutes with Script mode

Branded Scenes

Pre-built, on-brand video scenes for every message

Multiple brands

Keep celebrations on brand for as many brands as you need

Create celebration videos for every occasion

Choose from hundreds of templates designed to celebrate your team. Brand them with your font, colors, and logo with a single click.

A smiling woman in a birthday greeting design.
play button
A man featured in a circular frame alongside the text "work anniversary" set against a purple background.
play button
play button
play button
Group of icons representing people with the text "company retreat" on a purple background.
play button
Turquoise background with a sun and cloud graphic, featuring the text "play day.
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Frequently asked questions

Tips and tricks for better celebration videos

Add a personal touch

There’s nothing wrong with a short and sweet celebration video, but if you’re looking to add an extra-special touch, send out a Record Request. Include a prompt to let your team know what they’re celebrating, then add all your recorded responses into one very memorable video.

Reflect the diversity of your team

Did you know that many of Biteable’s animations are customizable? It’s true! Customize everything down to the hair color of your favorite Biteable characters. Represent your team with inclusive animations that celebrate their diversity.

Try a template

We love a reason to celebrate at Biteable, so we have celebration templates aplenty. Choose from a stack of birthday templates, workiversary videos, holiday shoutouts, and more. Every video is instantly branded to your company — all you need to do is tweak the text and swap in your media. Templates are the quickest and easiest way to bring your message to life.

Team alignment begins with better videos

Reach your team with professional videos tailored to your message and brand. Try it for yourself and discover the impact you could be making.

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