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How to make a montage video the easy way

  1. Create a video project
  2. Upload your images and videos
  3. Drag, drop, and edit your scenes into a snappy montage
Hailey shows you how to use Biteable’s easy montage maker.

Spice things up with our video and photo montage maker

Montages, as we all learned in the 80s, are the most enjoyable part of every movie. If you want to inject some whimsy into your video project, try our easy montage maker. Compile your photos, videos, or both. It’s quick, it’s snappy and, best of all, it’s simple for anyone to use.

1. Create a new video project

Start with a fresh project by hitting ‘Create new video’. Not a Biteable user yet? Start with a free trial.

Next, you’ll want to kick things off with a template or select “Start from scratch”. Then you’ll be taken to the Biteable video maker to start making your blockbuster montage.

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2. Import your images

A good video montage maker (like Biteable) lets you cut quickly between images or videos. This means you’ll need a lot of them. Prepare your montage images or videos by collecting them in an easily accessible folder.

Click on the ‘Add scene’ option in the timeline and upload your own images and videos. If you need to fill some gaps, browse through Biteable’s library of over 24 million images, clips, and animations.

3. Cut, cut, cut

The key to making a good montage is the length of the scenes.

Scenes should be short, only a second or two. For a picture montage, make it even shorter. You want the viewer to feel like there’s just enough time to take in the scene before it cuts to something else. This is what creates a sense of excitement, speed, and high energy.

4. Jazz it up with music

All great montages need a slappin’ soundtrack. Layer on some beats by clicking the music note 🎵 in the timeline. Choose from one of Biteable’s royalty-free and premium music tracks or upload your own by clicking the ‘Upload’ tab and selecting your file.

5. Share your video montage

There you have it. An easy montage maker. When you’re happy with your creation, hit the download button. Or better yet, skip the download and share your montage anywhere with a single, trackable link.

Started with Biteable two hours ago. My video [is] already up on my social media pages. JUST LOVE IT!

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Biteable is awesome. I got just what I wanted.

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Find an easy video or photo montage maker: check ✅.

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