Awesome YouTube channel art templates

You put work into creating amazing videos to attract people to your YouTube channel, and hopefully entice them to subscribe. But are you overlooking an important opportunity to put your best foot forward?
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Too often we see YouTube channels with good video content, but an empty gray space where their banner art should be. Maybe even worse is channel art that’s non-responsive or not sized according to YouTube’s specifications, with art or messaging that’s been cut off.

What a waste! Your YouTube channel art is your chance to make a good first impression, to introduce yourself and your brand, and to share any information you want viewers to know, like how often you publish, or what kind of content you share. Something like “New Game Reviews Every Friday”, for example.

Cool YouTube banners

For inspiration, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite examples of cool YouTube banners from popular channels. Before we dive into what each one does, let’s look at a few basic rules they all follow:

1. They’re responsive. YouTube channel art must be responsive, meaning it can be viewed effectively on any device — from a big-screen TV to the smallest smartphone.

Use high-resolution images and follow Google’s sizing guidelines or use YouTube banner templates (more on that below). Be sure to also stay up to date with any future sizing changes too: like other social media networks, YouTube will occasionally change the standard dimensions which can leave your banner art looking off.

2. The design is centered. Always build your design out from the middle. If you place logos, text, or images too far off to one side you run the risk of having it cut off on certain devices.

3. They’re on-brand. Your banner art should tie in seamlessly with the image you’re presenting, the kind of content you produce, and should be cohesive with other branding you have, like your website or other social media networks. Keep your logos, fonts, and color palette consistent to help create a strong visual brand.

Vanoss Gaming

One of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, Vanoss Gaming videos are usually a montage of clips from a gameplay session featuring Vanoss and his friends chatting and joking.

YouTube channel banner for vanOsSGaming featuring a gold owl logo, 22,582,152 subscribers, and a red 'subscribe' button showing 22m subscribers made with Biteable video maker
Why it works

Our first example is also the simplest. Vanoss’ logo incorporates the letter V into a minimalist owl design. Where many game channels opt for busier channel art, often with bright colors, cartoon characters, and highly stylized fonts, the simplicity of Vanoss’ centered logomark and black background really stands out.

If you have a strong logo associated with your brand, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your channel art simple and streamlined.


Refinery29’s YouTube channel features lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content aimed at millennial women.

Biteable video maker's youtube channel banner featuring logo, stylized text "Biteable", and a red subscribe button displaying 896k subscribers.
Why it works

The minimal design and on-trend color palette is a perfect choice for a lifestyle site covering all things cutting edge. Instead of a more obvious collage effect, we like how the transparent text subtly showcases the diverse audience they speak to, and the range of topics they cover.

The Slow Mo Guys

The premise behind this popular web series is simple: fast-moving stuff in extreme slow motion.

Banner image for the Biteable video maker featuring two men, one in a lab coat and the other in a blue shirt, interacting with a dynamic blue liquid splash.
Why it works

While lots of channels use photos of their hosts on their channel art, we like that the Slow Mo Guys skipped the standard headshot. Instead, their channel art shows the fun-loving hosts doing what they do best — making a mess in slow motion.

Smosh Games

Part of the extremely popular family of Smosh channels, Smosh Games is home to a number of different “Let’s Play” and video game commentary shows.

Weekly schedule banner created using Biteable video maker, with days labeled Sun to Sat, each featuring a different theme or game, with cartoon and real faces, set against a vibrant green striped background.
Why it works

While each Smosh channel has its own branding, they all incorporate the same color palette, including the bright blue and green seen here, which helps tie them together visually.

Smosh is also making great use of their channel art space to showcase their schedule. Your channel art is prime real estate — make the most of it by highlighting any important information you want viewers to see.

Mental Floss

A favorite of trivia junkies, the Mental Floss YouTube channel features videos full of fun and interesting facts on every topic, from science and history to pop culture and sports.

Banner image for the Biteable video maker channel featuring a colorful mosaic of pop culture icons and symbols, with a "subscribe" button showing 1.3m subscribers.
Why it works

Their colorful, pop-art inspired channel art reflects the wide range of themes they cover. The same bright colors and patterns are also used in videos throughout their channel for a fun look that avoids appearing too hectic.


Pop culture channel Looper is dedicated to all things related to movies, TV, and video games, especially Easter eggs, trivia, and best-of lists.

Banner image featuring the logo "looper" in white text on a black and blue striped background with Biteable video maker and social media icons in the lower right corner.
Why it works

We like the simple lines and color gradient featured on Looper’s channel art, but we especially like that these elements are repeated throughout their channel.

It’s subtle (blink and you might miss it) but each of their videos starts and ends with a diagonal wipe transition in the same colors. Particularly for a channel that often focuses on film, it’s a nice touch for their channel art to tie into their editing techniques.

Extra Credits

This channel uses animated characters to explore how games are made and what they mean, plus other topics like history and sci-fi.

A banner for "extra credits" created using Biteable video maker, featuring cartoon characters holding signs that read "because games matter," with social media icons at the bottom right.
Why it works

You should know by now that we like banner art that is visually consistent with the rest of the channel, and Extra Credits’ art is no exception. It incorporates the same green background and animated characters featured in the main series, plus the “mission statement” behind the show.

YouTube channel art templates

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create cool YouTube banners. If you want to learn how to create banners like these, check out our article on the best YouTube banner makers.

Below, we rounded up a few of our favorite YouTube channel art templates from some of these popular free design tools.


This cool gaming banner template from Canva gives you an effect similar to the Looper channel art. We think it could easily work for a science, pop culture, or technology channel too.

Green and blue geometric background with the text "games 4 life - the ultimate gaming channel" created using Biteable video maker, in white and lime green.

Adobe Spark

With textured paper and watercolor effects, this colorful channel art template from Adobe Spark is a great option for artists and other creatives.

Text "art house tv - showcasing creative talent" on a textured turquoise background with a splattered white paint effect created using Biteable video maker.


This eye-catching yellow design from Canva incorporates some fun mid-century elements. We think this versatile template could be a great option for vloggers or gaming (as shown here) or even as a design or fashion-focused YouTube channel.

Business card design featuring the name "Luis Navarro" centered in bold, with the words "gaming • vlogging • Biteable video maker" below, set against a yellow geometric patterned


While this particular template from Snappa is a great option for DIY and how-to YouTube channels as is, it uses a tried and true design formula that works for just about any channel. Switch out the photo, icon, and text and it adapts to any theme, from beauty and fashion, to tech, design, automotive, or sports.

Various hand tools neatly arranged on a wall above a workshop bench, with a banner reading "innovate your space - creating ideas you can do for your home.


Here’s another super adaptable template. As is, it’s a great option for beauty and fashion, but change the color palette and fonts and it could work for vlog, pop culture, or unboxing channels.

Graphic banner with teal background and text "suzie's love your fabulous self makeup tutorials" in white and pink fonts inside an oval frame, created using Biteable video maker.


If your channel covers all things tech, this template from Fotor might be the perfect choice.

Switch out the simple icons to make this one your own — think, lipstick and shoe icons for a fashion vlogger, or gamepads for a gaming channel.

Blue background with a pattern of white tech-related icons and the text "the tech-sperts" centered, plus a subtitle and a Biteable video maker link at the bottom.


Take a look around at popular YouTube channels and you’ll often see vloggers and game reviewers using caricatures of themselves on their channel art. If you don’t have custom ones of your own, this template from Canva lets you still get that effect. Personalize the hair colors or accessories to make them look more like you!

Graphic for "the nerd chronicles" YouTube channel created with Biteable video maker, featuring text inviting users to learn gaming tips from Sander and Lexi with cartoon representations of two characters.


This pink and mint YouTube channel art from Fotor is fun and feminine, with the black dots and strong fonts giving it just enough edge. It’s a great option for vlogging, fashion and beauty, or design channels.

Promotional graphic for "razzle fashion" featuring a split background in pink and teal, with dotted patterns and the text "join Mel in another fashion extravaganza," created with Biteable video


Go old school with this 8-bit gaming template from Fotor. We think this one would look equally cool with a primary color palette (think Mario Bros.), or black and neon for a Space Invaders-inspired look.

Retro-style banner featuring the text "game smasher" with pixelated icons including a game controller, a trophy, a question mark, and a mushroom on red background, designed using Biteable video

Adobe Spark

The use of white letterboxing on this YouTube channel art nicely showcases the dramatic image. Designed for a travel/adventure channel, this one would work equally well for any web series or vlog where the visuals take center stage.

A vehicle drives on a desolate road under stormy skies, with text overlay "mark's road trip discoveries" and a subscription prompt.

Now that you’ve got your swanky new channel art sorted, it’s time to make some videos for your channel with Biteable. We have some great video intro templates here, plus a small tasting plate of four to get you started below.

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