How Healthigo uses Biteable to build buzz at live events

Two healthcare professionals discussing over a tablet in a busy hospital corridor.
The business

Healthigo at a glance

Healthigo is a pioneer in the healthcare industry. It’s a patient-centric platform that connects users across the UAE to the right healthcare professionals, allowing them to find adequate care with much less hassle. Patients simply navigate to the Healthigo website and enter basic details such as the type of provider they’re looking to see, their address, and their insurance provider.

Healthigo then sifts through its large (and expanding!) database of verified healthcare professionals and offers up the ones that specialize in the patient’s area of need, accepts their insurance, and operates in their area; making it incredibly easy for users to find and schedule appointments with quality professionals.

Asides from offering fantastic service, Healthigo is also the first of its kind in the UAE. In order to get the word out and recruit customers, the Healthigo marketing team uses a clever combination of live event and video marketing strategies.

“Biteable has made it much, much easier for us to put out videos in a shorter time. It’s really high quality!”

The goal

Quality videos, quicker

When it comes to marketing their service at live events, the Healthigo team always planned to use video. Why wouldn’t they? The experts tell us that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to just 10% when they read it in text form. Which means video is the perfect marketing tool — especially when promoting a service in a noisy conference room where plenty of other vendors are vying for attention.

But Healthigo had a problem: the two in-house team members they tasked with creating its marketing videos still had regular jobs to perform. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to apply themselves to video creation as well.

According to Ashish Gupta, Healthigo’s lead marketer, “One of our biggest problems was we had no reference point. We had to come up with everything from scratch, which took a long time.”

Fortunately, Ashish stumbled upon Biteable and decided to try using the tool for himself. The rest, as they say, is history.

“My personal reason for using Biteable is definitely the quality of output and the ease of creation. It’s a seamless process.”

The solution

Biteable proves to be the ideal video marketing tool

In 2018, Ashish began using Biteable. It didn’t take him long to figure things out and to start creating professional-level videos. “The learning curve is very, very short,” he says. “After about an hour of using the tool, I became pretty proficient with it. It now takes me about five minutes to make a two or three-minute video. It’s really simple.”

Ashish particularly likes using Biteable’s animated templates because, “The animations connect well with our target audience and I can combine them together into one story. They’re also more versatile and I can change the colors as well.”

The result

Generating buzz at live events

To date, Ashish says he’s created between 20 and 30 Biteable videos because, “It’s a simple tool and everybody can use it. You don’t need to have prior knowledge in editing or software to really understand what Biteable is and how to create good content with it.”

But unlike many other Biteable customers, Healthigo doesn’t post their Biteable videos anywhere online — at least not yet. Instead, they’ve been using them at live events to generate interest in their healthcare platform.

Healthigo has rented booths at two major startup and tech conference in the UAE: GITEX and Step. They’ve shown their engaging and informative Biteable videos at both, reaching thousands of new potential customers and having more conversations than they ever thought possible.

Create videos that drive action

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Video marketing tips

Healthigo’s tips for video marketing success

Ashish and his company have had great success with video marketing. Here are a few tips you can use to get similar results:

• Create your video script first. One of the reasons Ashish is able to create amazing videos so quickly is because he already knows what he wants to say before he sits down to say it.

We suggest you plan out and script your video before diving into Biteable. This will allow you to really focus on your message and create your videos faster.

• Take your videos offline, too. While your company’s website and social media channels are great places to post Biteable videos, they aren’t the only avenues available to you.

Consider taking your videos offline too and using them at live events and in sales presentations.


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