7 company culture videos that get it right

How do people see your company?

Are you cool? Innovative? Do you have the best perks? Are you harder to get into than Harvard?

Company culture matters. It tells potential hires who you are and what you stand for. It sets expectations, making it easier to decide if you’re a good fit.

It’s a lot like an online dating profile. You tell people about your values, and help them decide whether they want to send their resume or run for the hills.

Paul shares the must-know tips on the art of a good corporate video

Examples of some of the best company culture videos

One company culture doesn’t fit all. A great culture video shows yours in all its unique glory.

We scoured the internet in search of great videos and made a list for your viewing pleasure. Every single one takes a slightly different approach.

1. Beyond work

Vistaprint Work Environment: What We Do For Fun

Starting work at a new company is scary. You don’t know anyone, and you don’t know how things work. It’s not a comfortable combination. Vistaprint highlights one of the key parts of their culture: a welcoming team that supports each other right from the start.

They assuage the fear and share the little things they do to help team members feel welcome and comfortable at work. We hear stories about lunch clubs, ping pong tournaments and the Wednesday ice skating club.

Vistaprint are open and honest about who they are and what’s important to them. This is a social, collaborative culture that values teamwork and community, and embraces the “work hard, play hard” mentality.

2. A very different culture story

Basecamp: Basecamp Tries Some Coffee

This company culture video from Basecamp doesn’t have team members talking about fun outings or great projects. It doesn’t show cool landmarks or people playing foosball. It’s about something far more serious: the blind coffee taste. One cup holds super expensive coffee. The other, McDonald’s McCafe blend.

Culture is about more than your fancy office, benefits or team activities. It’s about the people who work at the company. They are the make or break factor. This video shows Basecamp for who they are, a diverse group of smart, hard-working people who make bad jokes, great software and (spoilers!) can’t tell one kind of coffee from the next.

As a fully remote team with an office, Basecamp’s culture is a little non-traditional. Trust is a key part of their success. Any new team member has to mesh well with with everyone else.

3. Nostalgia at work

HubSpot: HubSpot Culture

Filmed in the classic 80s “friends who build a great team and take over the world” style, this video from HubSpot has everything. Uplifting music. Flashing lights. Bright colors. An old-school trailer-style voiceover. Fistbumping. Gadgets. Freeze frames. A guy helping an old lady cross the street. All that’s missing is a fighting montage.

The video taps into pop culture and shows us what HubSpot is all about — an innovative underdog that rose through the ranks to become rulers of Inbound Marketing. They also manage to sneak in all the main company values and traits they look for in future employees, in one cinematic package.

4. Lead a balanced life

BambooHR: Careers and Culture Video

Tired of 80 hour work weeks? Want to actually see the mythical work/life balance in action? The BambooHR team believe it’s possible! This company is all about striking that balance. It’s about going home, seeing your family and friends, and having time to eat food that doesn’t come out of a takeaway container.

BambooHR’s culture is built around the idea of working hard and enjoying the time off. It’s about leaving work at work and living a fulfilling life. It shows team members doing the stuff they love outside of work. The style is designed to attract people who will thrive here.

5. A traditional take with a twist

ZenDesk: This Is ZenDesk

A traditional culture video delivered in a monotone? It really works. Zendesk pokes fun at the company culture videos full of shots of fancy offices, the Golden Gate Bridge and all the famous people the CEO knows by showing us exactly that.

The real story of Zendesk still comes through. We see the volunteer activities, the perks, the offices and some of the people who work there. They highlight their unique strengths through a special brand of offbeat humor.

6. Sharing the love

DocuSign: Hello DocuStories

A great culture is about more than fantastic offices, free food and cool benefits. It’s about the way you feel about your product and the relationship you’ve got with your customers. The DocuSign team dive straight into that.

They give us a unique insight into their culture by asking team members from their offices around the world to share their favorite DocuSign stories. This paints a picture of a team that works hard, believes in what they do, and genuinely care about solving problems. A team that puts the customer first and foremost. A team for people eager to do the same.

7. Humans are overrated

DropBox: Working at DropBox

Why use people when muppets will do? The “why do you love your company”-style video has been done to death. When you throw muppets into the picture, suddenly it doesn’t seem so clichéd.

Employees share their favorite parts of working at DropBox and we gain a real insight into what the company culture is like. This is a culture built around phenomenal people that enjoy solving problems and having fun together.

Company culture videos gone wrong

A solid idea doesn’t always turn into a quality video. While a great video is in the eyes of the beholder, there are some things you’d be smart to avoid.

1. Telling too many stories

It Takes All of Us

This video from Genentech has a solid idea. It’s trying to highlight the diverse experience of various team members throughout the day.

The execution is distracting. The screen gets split up into small parts, each running different clips at the same time. It’s interesting but hard to watch. Focusing on a single story at a time, or transitioning between a few different ones instead of splicing them together would be more effective.

2. Telling no story

The Benefits of Becoming a PSA Pilot

This video from PSA airlines doesn’t pack much of an emotional punch.

A great video gives facts a context. Don’t tell people about the benefits, show how they work in real life. Instead of telling us about a generic growth opportunity, PSA airlines should have asked one of the pilots to tell their story. This puts it all into perspective and helps the viewer picture themselves going through the same thing.

Making a great company video

Despite being different, all the videos that made it on the list had a few key things in common. They told interesting stories and used visuals to help the viewer really see themselves in that setting.

1. Be open about who you are

Show the viewer who you are. What do you stand for? What are your values? What do you look for in new team members? What kind of people will feel happy working for you?

Some people work better in small teams. Others do their best work sitting on a beanbag eating Cheetos. Show what kind of environment you’ve created. If foosball and free beer is an important part of your culture, great. But if you’ve put together a quiet team who’d rather go out for a coffee before heading off on separate adventures, be honest about that too.

If you pretend to be something you’re not, you’ll attract the wrong people. Now, where have you heard that advice before!?

2. Tell a story

Company culture is a pretty nebulous term. Instead of trying to capture all of your company culture in a single video, pick a specific angle.

You can tell the story through the eyes of the CEO, the Head of Marketing, the Customer Service Associate or the Intern. You can tell it through the experience of the very first hire or the last person to walk through the door. You can set it around a specific event, an initiative or a normal work day. You can even make a montage! Make the story a part of your shared legacy.

3. Show, don’t tell

Instead of telling viewers about specific benefits, opportunities or the fun stuff you do after work, show them. This is the beauty of video. Take them to the kitchen where you’ve got the healthy snacks. Show them footage of your last company meetup. Show the team at work.

Facts are useful, but they won’t help people picture themselves being a part of your team.There’s a reason you decided to use video to show off your company culture instead of putting a long list of factoids together.

4. Use complementary music

Music is an integral part of a great video. Think of your favorite movie. Now try imagining it without the soundtrack. Gladiator wouldn’t be half as epic without Hans Zimmer’s moving composition.

Music can really transform a scene and bring emotions to the surface. Use music that supports the story you want to tell.

Making your own

A lot of small businesses avoid making a company video because of worries over cost. Biteable can take money out of the equation. Now you can make your own organizational culture video quickly and easily!

Our business and company templates are a great place to start. You can add photos or short videos of your team, and combine them in a great montage. You can even add a voiceover and record team members sharing their favorite parts about working for your company.

The opportunities are endless. Chose your story and make your first video today.

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