Coronavirus vaccine animations to help your business stay healthy

Start talking to your team and customers about getting a Coronavirus vaccine. Use our new vaccine animations to make your messages engaging and relatable.

Introducing our versatile vaccine scenes

The characters from our Diverse Workplace set are now vaccinated to help you encourage others to do the same.

Like always, the cast of characters is color-changeable to match your brand and other assets. Skin tone is also editable to help bring diversity to your videos.

Our vaccine animations are ready for you to mix and match in Biteable. Either create a video from scratch or start with one of the ready-to-edit videos below.

Vaccinations and your people

Encourage your staff to stay healthy with one of these premade vaccination videos. Customize the message to match the situation of your business and staff.

Vaccination and your customers

Show the world that your business takes vaccination seriously with these customer-focused video templates. Personalize them to match the vaccine rollout in your area.

How to use the vaccination animations

Our vaccination scenes are available on all Biteable plans, including the Free plan. Accessing them is easy. Either follow the instructions below or choose a template on this page and hit “Edit”.

  1. Log in to Biteable (or sign up now)
  2. Select “Start with an empty video”
  3. Hit “Continue”
  4. Select the “Diverse Workplace” animation set
  5. Pick the vaccination scenes you want
  6. Hit “Edit” to add text and personalize

How we’re using these scenes ourselves

At Biteable, we value the health of our staff and our communities. To help encourage our teams to get vaccinated, we’ve given everyone a day (or two) of leave to get vaccinated.

This is the video we used to communicate the policy internally. Feel free to swap the logo and use it for your business.

Put these new animations to work for your business today and help your people and customers understand the importance of vaccination against COVID-19.

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