100 new animations to honor the diversity in your business

If you’re struggling to represent diversity in your videos, you’re not alone. Reflecting your unique team and audience is a challenge.

Well, it was. Meet the new Diverse Workplace pack of animations, ready for you to edit now. A modern, professional pack of skin-tone editable characters to help you communicate better.

100 diverse animations to choose from

Introducing the Diverse Workplace pack, available now when you make a video with Biteable. The pack includes a big cast of contemporary characters in a range of settings from the office to working remotely. Each one is ready to star in your next video.

Change skin tone and branding colors

The Diverse Workplace pack empowers you to connect with your audience in a way you couldn’t before. Customizable skin tone and branding colors allow you to communicate not only your message but also the values of your team and business.

Ready for a wide range of uses

Versatility is built into the Diverse Workplace scenes. Studio-quality animation makes them perfect for internal communication and marketing.

Use the large range of office and work-from-home scenarios for HR, internal comms, and sales videos. Or pick a character to represent your product or service in your next video ad or promo.

Editing is easy and fast

All 100 new animations are ready and waiting for you at Biteable.

  • Step 1. Begin by creating a new video or choose from a template below.

  • Step 2. Add scenes from the Diverse Workplace pack.

  • Step 3. Select your animation in the canvas.

  • Step 4. Edit colors in the panel to the right.

Start now with one of these Diverse Workplace templates