Chart new territory with our latest graph scenes

A collection of flat design icons depicting various data analysis and statistics elements designed for the Biteable video maker in a monochromatic color scheme.

Deliver data-centric updates more effectively with our newest graph and chart scenes. You can now present the ups, downs, and everything in between with animations that drive your data home.

How to use the new graph scenes

Share data-driven messages in minutes

Say goodbye to bland charts and snooze-worthy presentations. Transform your information into an engaging video in minutes.

Choose from bar graphs, pie charts, up and downtrends, and line graphs to do things like:

  • Update your boss on last month’s stats
  • Share your projections in the next team meeting
  • Showcase your killer results in a quarterly investor update
  • Look knowledgeable on any topic

Graphs in four styles

You’ll find these new scenes divided across four animation-style packs:

  • Infographic Icons
  • Business Icons
  • Cheerful Icons
  • Essential Icons

Or grab them all from one place in the New Releases folder. Instructions below.

Our full animation lineup is available to all Biteable users — Free plans included.

Spoiler alert: If your appetite for new graph scenes is as unquenchable as ours, keep an eye out for even more animations and styles coming soon.


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