Caution: New health and safety scenes ahead

Illustration of a road construction scene with a barrier, traffic cones, a warning sign, and thought bubbles on a purple background for use in Biteable video maker.

Health and safety in the workplace shouldn’t be an afterthought. Help your people avoid dangers in the factory, office, or home with our latest batch of health and safety animations.

How to use these health and safety scenes

Reduce the risk of communication misfire with video

Did you know that people retain 65–95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to only 10% when reading it in text? Don’t risk life-saving information falling between the cracks. Whether your team is in-person or dispersed, use the health and safety scenes to deliver messages that stick the landing.

Turn health and safety policy, procedures, and training days into accessible, memorable videos that reach your team wherever they are. Swap yawn-inducing presentations and bland emails for videos that work for all types of learners.

Customize your health and safety communications

All Biteable health and safety animations can be customized to match your company’s branding and to reflect the diversity of your workforce.

There are two animation styles to choose from. You’ll find characters and props in the Diverse Workplace scene set and safety icons in the Essential Icons scene set.

Once you’ve picked an animation, add it to your video’s timeline and then click to customize colors. Personalize the colors you’d like, from clothing to skin tone.

Pair the new health and safety scenes with your own text, images, or footage — or choose from Biteable’s large library of stock images and clips. Try it for yourself now.

Put health and safety in the spotlight at your organization


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