Announce holiday events (virtual and onsite) with these templates

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This December, 3 out of 4 companies will host holiday parties for their employees.

Holiday parties are a great way to bring people together, boost morale, and foster a sense of teamwork. But they also mean a logistical nightmare (er, challenge) for HR teams. Getting everyone to follow instructions and RSVP for an accurate headcount can be a headache.

Before you resort to chasing non-responders down with an RSVP-delivery drone, try video instead.

Why video boosts response rates and inspires action

Research shows that video is simply the best way to communicate when you need to get a response.

Videos get more engagement than email. They give information in a way that’s more interesting than text. And you can even use clips from last year’s holiday party to give social proof for why this year’s event will be a great time.

Additionally, videos can include a clickable call-to-action button that lets you track response rates in real-time and makes it easy to get an accurate headcount.

Long story short, video is the best way to announce your holiday events and get prompt responses to the invites. Here’s how to pull it off for your next event.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Generate RSVPs the easy way with video templates

If you’re the one in charge of sending out this year’s invites, it might seem overwhelming to create all the videos you need.

But you can quickly create eye-catching video invites and announcements for all your holiday events with just a few video templates.

Office holiday party

Grab your best clips and pics from last year’s holiday party (or from the last year you were all able to gather safely. Was that 2019? We’ve lost track.)

In any case, gather your pics and clips and put them together for a fun, informative office holiday party invite that will have everyone smashing that RSVP link.

Season’s greetings

Start the party early and close out the year in style with a season’s greetings video. It’ll get everyone pumped for the upcoming festivities, and it’s an opportunity to give the team kudos for their hard work throughout the year.

Holiday observance policy

For businesses, the holidays aren’t all about parties.

It’s smart to have a written policy detailing which holidays employees are entitled to, how bank holidays are handled, how to apply for additional time off, and all the other policy details around holidays in the business world.

It’s also smart to send out a video that outlines the most important parts of your holiday observance policy.

Reading through a policy packet is a snooze fest. Most people will simply skip it. But a video is quick and easy to watch, you can include details about where to get more info, and you can easily share your holiday observance policy video each year as the season approaches.

Bring Biteable along to the (holiday) party

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