21 HR video ideas (with templates) that will have you using video for everything

We know from video marketing statistics that people are more likely to watch and retain information from video. Video activates employees and attracts new hires far more effectively than static communications. But it’s tough to come up with HR video ideas that make the most of your human resources assets.

Then there’s the issue of creating videos. You probably don’t have the time or the resources to spend hours of your day making HR videos. Adding video to your human resources tools might seem out of reach. But it’s not.

These 21 HR video ideas (and templates!) are designed to be executed in minutes, not hours, so you can communicate all of your messages with ease.

Why you need HR video templates

HR video templates are a critical piece of human resources video production.

Templates take care of all the storyboarding and video planning, so you can focus on making videos quickly. That way you can handle everything from executive messaging to employee work anniversaries with videos that are easy to make and fun to watch.

That’s why we’ve included an HR template with each of our human resources video ideas. Use these ideas and templates to get your HR video production going before the end of the day.

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HR video ideas for recruiting and hiring

Recruiting and hiring requires a lot of one-way communication. New and prospective hires need to get a whole lot of information fast.

Incorporating video into your recruiting and hiring process helps people easily get the information they need, in an engaging format that elevates your company above the crowd of other potential employers.

1. Recruitment ad

Attracting new applicants is one of those human resources responsibilities that almost requires the creativity and resources of a marketing department. That’s why video marketing is one of the most powerful recruiting tools in existence.

A recruiting video makes your job posting stand out in a sea of written job descriptions. Even a simple recruiting video efficiently and memorably conveys your job requirements and company culture.

In short, video makes your recruitment outreach work like gangbusters. Most job boards even support videos in job postings. But you can also upload a recruiting video to your company YouTube channel and add the link to your written job description.

2. You’re hired!

A hiring letter is nice. But a video is far more personal. Seeing a face and hearing a voice from your company creates an immediate connection with new hires and sets the tone from day one.

Use a template to create hiring videos for every new team member, even during the biggest hiring booms.

3. New team member welcome

Video is the perfect way to welcome new staff and introduce them to their team members. Use pictures and video clips to give new hires a first look at their future colleagues and help break the ice before their first day of work.

Start with a customizable template and wrap up your welcome video before your coffee cools.

4. Company mission statement

A job description doesn’t always clearly communicate how a position fits into the big picture. Let new hires know what they’ll be working toward with your company, how they’ll contribute to the larger goal, and why that’s valuable to the business.

A company mission statement video helps new team members start out with a sense of purpose and appreciation. Include the video as part of your recruitment process and make it available again during onboarding so new employees are reminded of their value at every step of the way.

5. What it’s like here

Use your “what it’s like here” video early in the recruiting process to show prospective hires the office or facility where they’ll work, who they’ll work with, and what their typical day might be like.

This type of video works best if it is infused with personality. Give potential hires a sense of office culture, and help them envision themselves working for your company.

As an alternative, prepare new employees for their first day of work by sending your video after they are hired. Give them a quick tour of their workspace so they don’t feel lost when they arrive, or let them know more about the company structure and how they fit in.

Human resources video ideas for onboarding

No matter how many years a new employee has been in the industry, there are always company specific policies and processes to learn. Include a few thoughtful videos during onboarding to help new employees get up and running quickly and efficiently.

6. New employee introduction

Employees will be curious about the new face in the office. Send a quick video introduction to give them a heads up and make the first day easy for your new hire.

Keep your video quick and relevant. A one minute video is more than enough to show people what position the new staffer holds and who they’ll be working with directly. Be sure to include a picture of the new employee, so your current staff knows who to greet.

7. Meet the team

The new employee wants to know about their team as much as the team wants to know about them. A video lets new employees know who they’ll be working with and what everyone does at work.

This helps new employees get oriented before they even show up on their first day. When the new hire walks in the door, they’ll already know who’s going to help them hit the ground running.

Gather a few pictures, short bios, and a meet the team template. Put it all together, and you’re ready to make some fabulous introductions.

8. Work behavior guidelines

These sorts of formalities tend to be tedious because the guidelines are packed into one of the most laborious pieces of documentation out there: an employee handbook.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A short video covers all the bases, reduces printing costs, and is more engaging and memorable than a traditional handbook.

You can also embed your video in an email, so employees have it whenever they need it, wherever they are, without cluttering their workstation.

9. How to set up your work tools

New employees may need help setting up their accounts on your system, understanding how to change their passwords, or using certain software tools.

Send quick instructional videos to prevent new employees a lot of headaches, and save the IT department from fielding zillions of questions. Create quick videos for all your tools — Slack, Notion, Jira, and anything else — so new teammates can get their workstations online quickly and settle into more important business.

10. How to contact HR

Even after your new hire is humming along, they’ll still need help from their HR team now and then. Leave them with a quick video about how to get in touch with you, should they need it.

Save your video to all the company computers, so employees can find it any time they need. You can also post your “how to contact HR” video as an unlisted YouTube video and include the link in your email signature.

HR video ideas for training and company policy

Training isn’t just for new employees. Long-time staff need continuing education and ongoing training to stay up-to-date. Save everyone time (including yourself) with video.

11. Key trainings

Every company has unique procedures and tasks that employees need to complete every day. But it is hard to remember all of this new information during the first few weeks of employment.

Create a series of videos explaining how to perform core tasks quickly. A video format helps employees learn and retain the information more thoroughly. Plus, these videos serve as quick references if anyone needs a refresh.

Set up an internal page for key training videos so managers and staff have easy access whenever they need it.

12. Employee wellness initiatives

Microtraining are one of the best ways to help employees acquire new skills and implement new practices.

Microtrainings are also a perfect fit for employee wellness initiatives, because the format presents wellness in small bites that feel easy to accomplish.

Create simple, short videos giving employees tiny lessons that help them stay healthy or be more productive, on and off the clock. Larger blocks of information — such as company wide-wellness programs — can also be broken down into microtrainings to make the information easier to absorb.

13. Soft skills trainings

Video is an effective way to help employees gain the soft skills they need to move into higher positions.

Topics like leadership and managerial skills might not be part of your new employee training program, and employees probably don’t have much time to attend external trainings on these subjects.

Instead, create a series of videos for employees interested in supervisory positions. Keep each video short and focused so they can easily fit these trainings into their work day or lunch break.

Not an expert on video trainings? No problem. Build onto a template to keep your training videos focused and informative.

14. Company policy videos

If there’s anything HR professionals know about, it’s fielding questions about company policies. There are leave policies, healthcare policies, benefits packages, and more. And employees expect human resources to have all the answers.

These questions might seem straightforward, but answering them eats up a lot of your time. Use a template to quickly create a series of videos that deliver immediate answers to the most important company policies.

Just like your key training videos, host these all on one internal page for easy access. Employees get straightforward answers delivered with a personal tone, and for many, this is all they need.

Set yourself up for success and watch your email inbox shrink as more and more people find their policy answers the easy way.

15. Quick kudos

Quick kudos videos are a great way to recognize a job well done.

Think of quick kudos like a video fist bump. You don’t have to reserve them for monumental successes. Instead, quickly send kudos videos for just about any job well done.

Even better, make kudos videos a natural part of company culture by encouraging department managers to create their own kudos videos. Set up a template, then use Biteable’s team features to empower managers to DIY.

16. Outstanding achievement awards

Did the sales team hit a major company goal? Did a marketing staff absolutely knock their most recent project out of the park? Maybe you had an office competition, so there’s an actual award to give out. That’s the time to break out your outstanding achievement award video.

But just because the award is for outstanding achievement doesn’t mean you need to spend an outstanding amount of time on it. Pop your company colors and award-specific text into a template to make an award-winning video in just a few minutes.

17. Pay increase congratulations

Getting a raise feels great. Receiving recognition for all the hard work it takes to get a raise is also nice. How about using a friendly video for all of your pay raise notifications?

The personal touch is guaranteed to make staff feel acknowledged and appreciated for their work. In terms of employee satisfaction, that feeling is worth its weight in gold.

18. Employee appreciation

We humans like feeling appreciated. As you already know, regular employee appreciation boosts morale and fosters a positive company culture. But don’t wait until your quarterly all-staff to dole out the praise.

Use video to make employee appreciation a regular part of office life.

A simple video is a great way to spread appreciation around the company with just a single email. Or put a series of appreciation videos on the screen in a common area. You could even start a Slack channel dedicated entirely to staff praise.

Regardless of how you deliver your appreciation videos, there’s never a bad time to thank employees for all they do.

Human resources videos for announcements and events

It often falls on the HR department to send out event invitations and announcements, or to distribute reports and presentations. You could put up a poster in the break room. But a video is far more fun and attention-getting.

And if it’s an especially important message, you can even embed your video in an email with a read-receipt request to keep track of who sees it.

19. C-suite updates

You may be familiar with Jeff Bezos’s yearly letter to shareholders. Your company may have a similar yearly tradition. Or the upper management may prefer to distribute even more frequent communications to employees. Either way, why not use video?

Many executives are more comfortable speaking than they are writing. And video gives employees an opportunity to see someone from upper management speaking to them, often in a less formal tone than they might use at a major meeting.

All you need is a camera (even a smartphone camera will work), and a few clever questions to get the conversation going. The beauty of video is that you can always cut the parts that don’t work.

20. Holiday announcements

If you host company holiday events, you need people to show up. Use video to give people all the important details in a memorable format.

The tone of your event announcement gives a preview of the tone for the event. So if you want to convey fun and a chance for employees to let down their hair, keep the invite lighthearted.

Pop in a few scenes of stock footage that fit the tone of your event, and consider including an upbeat soundtrack to get people in the party mood.

Or, use video to send your people home early for the holidays so they can start celebrating with their friends and family.

Need a video for another holiday? Check out these other event video templates.

21. Regular reports

Company reports and updates can be a bit dry. But not everybody needs the written reports. Some people may just be interested in the progress and direction of the company, especially in businesses with profit-sharing plans and revenue-based bonus programs.

Video is the perfect way to make these reports quick and engaging. But, between monthly, quarterly, annual, and all the other company updates, you could end up cranking out quite a few company update videos.

Set yourself up for success with a video template. Keep one template on hand for each type of report, then update it each time with the relevant data and visuals.

You’ll have an attention-getting report ready and waiting well before the next update is due.

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