How Stax Payments saved 36% on leads with a Biteable video

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The business

Eric Simmons of Stax Payments

Eric Simmons is a Director of Demand Generation at Stax Payments, a tech company that makes payment processing simpler via subscription-style merchant services. He joined the Orlando-based business in February 2019 and immediately took over all of its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts.

From Google campaigns to Facebook ads, Eric is the man behind all of Stax’s PPC success.

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“Biteable is inexpensive, easy to use, and gives me a professional-looking outcome. The videos that we’ve made really look like something that we’ve outsourced to an animator.”

The goal

Boosting leads

Paid advertising is the primary way that Fattmerchant collects leads, which means Eric needs to craft stellar ads quickly. If he doesn’t, traffic slows and Fattmerchant’s revenue dips. He says:

”Our goal with the ads is to get form submissions, which gets us leads. Each of our videos contains a link that leads to a form that users can fill out to request more information.”

Fortunately, Eric’s boss was already familiar with Biteable and encouraged him to use it for PPC purposes. This proved to be a wise decision.

The solution

Ads that get clicked

Made with Biteable by FattMerchant / Stax for use as a paid Facebook ad

The result

More leads, less cost

So far, Eric has created 12 different video ads with Biteable, each taking an average of 15 minutes or less to make. The purpose of the videos varies. Some are made to retarget people who have already visited the Fattmerchant website and others target brand new prospects.

The retargeted ads have been especially effective. The Biteable video that Eric created to target new prospects is the company’s number one performing Facebook ad in terms of cost-per-lead and performs 36% better than all other ads for the company. Eric says:

”We usually expect 5 – 10% efficiency gains when A/B testing different ads and ad variations. So to get something like 36% is really huge and just talks to how effective video marketing is.”

Eric also uses Biteable to create Google Display ads, which have been amazingly successful in their own right. Fattmerchant’s Biteable videos have resulted in a 22% decrease in cost per lead, and greatly outperform all of the company’s other Google ads.

Video marketing tips

Eric’s video marketing tips

As you’ve just seen, Eric has been able to achieve some pretty amazing results with Biteable and video marketing in general. Follow his tips and you’ll find success too.

Check for ad match: The best, most creative ads in the world won’t be effective if they don’t match the landing page you send prospects to. Make sure your ads have similar tones, color schemes, and wordings to your landing pages.

Be smart about A/B testing: A/B testing is essential when it comes to PPC advertising. But don’t go overboard and make drastic changes for each test. This will make it nearly impossible to accurately compare your new ads to the old ones.

Know your video’s purpose: Why are you creating videos? Your answer will determine the kind of content you create. A video Facebook ad for lead generation should look a lot different than a standard video post on Instagram.

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