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You wake up and it hits you. Ennui is in the air. Even drinking a pint of kombucha while doing yoga in the bath can’t get rid of it.

The world feels wrong and you have a packed schedule. How do you get yourself in gear? Me? I watch that scene from Rocky Balboa. You know the one. Rocky’s kid is complaining about the state of his life and Stallone delivers a killer speech in his usual fashion. But that’s just me.

Watching a motivational video can sound a bit… well, cheesy. But, there’s a reason why epic speech compilations on YouTube have millions of views and Sumo grew their Instagram account from 3k to 114k by posting motivational quotes.

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Something to pull us out of the funk and back into the world. If you want to make inspirational videos for your own company or you just feel like seeing some great examples, this post is for you.

Motivational videos that work

Uplifting videos come in many flavors. Some are compilations of great quotes from people who overcame the odds. Others add a different context to great historic or movie speeches by adding images and music.

They tell stories of perseverance, of beating the odds and pushing through the pain and challenges.

1. The tale of perseverance

A male athlete, numbered 749, in a crouched starting position on a track, wearing a white and blue uniform designed for a Biteable video maker.

Working hard and giving your all doesn’t guarantee victory. This video sets the story of Derek Redmond’s 400m Olympic race to music. Redmond was a favorite to win but, 150 metres into the race he tore his hamstring and went down. The pain must have been unbearable. He could barely move.

Despite the agony, he got up and hopped down the course, determined to finish. True stories like this one highlight just what people are capable of. The music and text add to the power of the video.

The stakes don’t need to be this high for a story to work. You can tell stories about your team, about challenges you overcame, or even share the true life stories of people your customers admire. A well-crafted story is a powerful motivator.

2. The voice in your head

You know that voice? The one that tells you it’s all a waste of time? That there’s no point in trying because you’re going to fail anyway. This video gives the voice a seat at the table (or in the car.) The voice takes umbrage with everything. He hates the Tony Robbins CD playing the background, the early mornings and the stupid risk taking.

Motivation isn’t just about slogans and mantras. It can be about acknowledging that taking risks and working hard is terrifying. The idea of failure is never far behind.

What is your audience worried about? What keeps them up at night? Make a video that addresses those fears and speaks up for the other side. The cost of doing nothing can be much higher than failing.

3. The stories we tell ourselves

Movies have become an integral part of the way we see the world. They are our modern day version of listening to stories by the roaring fire. Mateus brings these stories together using familiar scenes and speeches from people we admire to make a point. The theme for this video is vision. The ability to imagine the future and see our lives the way we want them to be.

He combines a speech by motivational speaker Eric Thomas with movie scenes and sets it to epic, emotionally uplifting music that rises with each syllable.

Tapping into the stories your customers already know can be a powerful thing. Wrapping up a powerful message in a new context can help us see things differently. Under the fair act use copyright you can use certain types of material for educational or nonprofit purposes. If you decide to make this type of video, check the exact laws in your country.

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4. Everyday hero

A man goes about his day, performing little acts of kindness. As the story unfolds, we see the results of those acts.

Inspirational videos are made for all sorts of reasons. This particular one was created by Thai Life Insurance, a brand known for its tear-inducing adverts. Thai Life’s brand is built around the value of life. Every video they make highlights just how precious it is. Because this has been built into the brand since the beginning, the videos feel genuine, despite being ads.

Great adverts don’t sell products. They uplift and motivate us to see the world a little differently. Don’t be afraid to experiment with motivation. What are your brand’s core values? Tell a story that supports and highlights them.

5. This too shall end

When you’re going through a tough time, it can be hard to see the other side. Getting there feels like a herculean task. This video offers eleven key things to remember when the going gets tough. It reminds the viewer of the truths they already know.

This simple video by The Law of Attraction has over 82 million views. People connect with it because it offers reassurance. A motivational video doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Saying that it will be ok and sharing that moment of vulnerability with the viewer can be enough. This style of video can work for life coaching and inspirational brands.

6. Failing

Failing isn’t fun. Reading quotes about the benefits of failure doesn’t magically turn it into a better experience. When you fail, it can feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s ever gone through that. At moments like these, listening to stories about people who failed, picked themselves up and persevered can help put things into perspective.

This video features scenes from “7 Pounds,” set to a speech by J.K. Rowling, with a bed of instrumental music. Combining the three creates a powerful result. Without failure, we wouldn’t have Harry Potter.

It’s easy to forget that every great achievement was preceded by a lot of failures, and that there’s no such thing as an overnight success.

You can share stories about the challenges that accompany your own success. You can create videos interviewing others about their challenges and set them to music. Find what drives your followers and customers, and create videos that remind them they can get there too.

7. A motivational pep talk

Kid President gives you the pep talk you need, not the one you want. He peppers it with important truths. If Michael Jordan had quit when he didn’t get picked for his High School basketball team, we wouldn’t have Space Jam. If you quit, you won’t get the future you dream of.

Channel your own inner Kid President and create a pep talk video. You can address an issue your customers are facing, or something you wish you had the motivation for.

Making your own motivational video

Before you can make a successful inspirational video, you need to figure out what motivates your audience and what are the key fears holding them back from achieving their goals? Once you know the answers to these questions can you begin to provide advice of real value.

These awesome templates can help you

Not sure where to start? You could choose one of your own Biteable templates to create an uplifting video around a topic that matters to your audience, or start from scratch. We’re all working on various goals, and sometimes the end result can feel a long way away. Like The Law of Attraction video, you can offer some reassurance.

Serve your audience and make something that’s specifically designed to make their day that little bit more inspiring.


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