New professional characters for your explainers and comms

Strengthen your video comms with our latest scene pack of contemporary characters. It’s called Services Explainer and contains a host of color-changeable people living out everyday office scenarios.
Illustration of six diverse characters engaged in various activities, such as using a mobile phone, holding documents, and gesturing ideas.

The Services Explainer set is perfect for service organizations like law firms, government agencies, medical clinics, and trainers who want to share serious messages in an engaging way. Use the pack in your internal and external videos for a professional, modern feel.

A big choice of characters and flexible colors

A large variety of characters make up the Services Explainer set. They are gender and fashion-neutral for maximum flexibility. The activities they depict will help you explain concepts more clearly to both your customers and your staff.

A series of illustrations depicting people in various poses with speech bubbles, indicating communication or messaging concepts.

The pack is also fully color-editable so you can reflect your team and your customers in your videos. You have full control over clothing, background, and skin-tone colors in every scene.

Thanks to the variety the pack offers, you’ll be able to keep your videos fresh while you build out a series in the same style. You’ll find this particularly handy if you need a lot of videos for your internal comms and training materials.

How to use the Services Explainer set

The Services Explainer set is included in every Biteable plan. This is how to add scenes from the pack to your videos.

Get started with this ready-to-edit template

Play Video

There are countless videos you can make with this new animation set. Here’s one we made to show it in action. Hit edit to experiment and discover its possibilities.


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