Take a tour of our new (time-saving) timeline

We’ve reinvented the Biteable timeline to make video editing faster (and less frustrating). A smoother editing process, timeline zooming, and play from anywhere capabilities await you in your next Biteable project.

How to use the new timeline

  1. Log in or sign up to Biteable
  2. Open or create a video project
  3. Discover the new and improved timeline within the editor
  4. Select your start point to preview videos from anywhere
  5. Use the zoom function to the right of the timeline to zoom in or out

Press play from anywhere

We heard you loud and clear — the old timeline was slowing you down. Press play from any point of your video with our latest timeline update. Speed up the editing process by previewing what you just tweaked instead of starting from the top.

To preview your video, choose your desired start point on the timeline, then click when the play button appears beside your pointer.

Zoom into more editing control

Take control of your timeline with our new zoom feature. You’ll find the zoom function on the right-hand side of the timeline. Zoom in or out to reveal more or fewer scenes on your timeline. Zoom out to see your whole video at a glance, or zoom in to edit with precision.

Another helpful new feature is the ability to replace backgrounds directly from the timeline. To do this, select the upwards arrow on your scene. You can also add a caption, include a logo, delete, or duplicate scenes while you’re at it.

Tour the new timeline

Discover a quicker, easier way to edit with the new Biteable timeline.