30 best promo video ideas for your business, product, or event

There are a lot of ways to promote something, but video is arguably the most effective. The best promotional videos play a big hand in building buzz and driving conversion for businesses, products, and events.
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A staggering 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through video, and 80% of marketers say video helps increase their sales.

If you’re looking for promo video ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 30 effective (and achievable) ideas for you, each with an example that’s ready to edit.

Choose the video that best fits your business, product, or event, then head over to Biteable and make a promo video today.

Promo your product

The ideal product promo video contains not only your product, but also excites the viewer to buy it. Promote your product and make it desirable with these eight product promo video ideas.

1. Put your product in the spotlight

Play Video

It’s the classic style of product promo you know and love. Feature video and images of your product and use the text to highlight its best features.

This example takes things up a notch with some customer reviews and a bright and inviting design that attracts the attention it deserves.

2. Spell out why your product is a must-have

No images or video footage hanging around? No worries. The Funky App Explainer shows just how easy it is to create an engaging promo with nothing but some (funky) text and music.

Go a little deeper than a standard promo video with an explainer that covers what you do and what you’re selling.

3. Demonstrate what makes your product special

Add animation to your videos to instantly impress without a single frame of footage. Fancy animations have never been more accessible, with ready-made and customizable scenes right at your fingertips.

This animated product promo video uses simple but effective animations to educate and engage.

4. Tickle their funny bone

Leave an impression by making your audience laugh. Humor helps keep your brand relatable and delivers promos people will actually want to watch.

This promo video combines a dash of humor with your standard informative promo to create one of the best formulas: a video that promotes and entertains at the same time.

5. Promo content (that promos your product)

Perhaps online content is your product, or maybe you create content for your product’s website or blog. Either way, promoting your content can be a great, less in-your-face way to get eyes on your product.

6. Place your product reviews center stage

Play Video

Let your customers do the selling for you with a promo video that features your best customer reviews. After all, who’s more trustworthy than real-life customers?

7. Make an announcement or launch something new

Give new products the time in the spotlight they deserve with a launch or announcement promo video that could rival a Michael Bay feature.

8. Capitalize on holidays with gift guides and sales

Play Video

Promo your service

Get the word out about your service with these promo video ideas perfectly suited what you’re selling.

9. Create a promo as versatile as you are

If you’re a business that wears a lot of hats, the best promo video option for you is one that can be easily tweaked to work for everything from your berets to your baseball caps.

This versatile service promo example is true to its name. With a few edits to the text, this kind of promo works for brands and industries across the board.

10. Boogie your way to new clients

Take your audience straight to the emotion your service delivers. At the very least, you’ll put a smile on some faces. Though, chances are you’ll achieve more than that.

11. Put the focus on the problems you solve

Remind clients what it boils down to — you’re here to solve their problem. Is there a better sales tactic than reminding people they could be at the beach if they weren’t elbow deep in taxes? Probably not.

12. Let your clients speak for you with testimonials

Have the people who use your service make the case for why you’re the best in the biz.

This animated testimonial promo video is an easy idea for amplifying all the wonderful things people are saying about you.

13. Use humor to make a statement

Some things are best said with humor. Like how your business could turn a potential client’s burnt toast into a slice of chocolate cake. Metaphorically, of course. That’s too much power for one business to hold.

14. Make your message shine with a minimalist approach

A good promo video doesn’t have to be busy with action. If your business is more aligned with simplistic, calm vibes, keep things minimal with a video like the example below.

The simple motion graphics, calming colors, and easy to read text combine for a promo that’s a delight to watch.

Promo your event

Make your guest list something to envy with these event video promo ideas.

15. Know your niche (and promo directly to it)

If your target audience is into art, make a promo video so artsy they’ll have no choice but to RSVP on the spot.

Whatever area of the market you cover, create a promo you know they’ll want to watch.

16. Hype up your event with a hyped-up promo

It’s a not-to-be-missed event, make sure people know it with a promo that hypes it up. All you need is some killer animated text and a banger of a soundtrack to get people talking.

17. Focus on the good you do

If your business supports good causes, make that a focal point of your event promo.

This fundraising event promo video example makes it clear that the event is in support of fundraising efforts, and calls on potential attendees to help make a difference.

18. Inform and invite (at the same time)

Get all the need-to-know details across with a promo video that covers everything from event dates to speaker bios.

This kind of video is ideal for sharing amongst industry circles and customer lists to make sure everyone has the up-to-date event info.

19. Make the most of motion graphics

Master the art of using motion graphics to make your life easier. Rely entirely on motion graphics for your promo video’s visuals, or add some stock footage to the mix for another simple professional-quality option.

20. Captivate with color

Capture the attention of the people who matter most with a bright and colorful promo video. Aside from standing out in timelines and inboxes, an outside-the-box promo proves you’re not afraid of taking risks — who wouldn’t want to attend an event like that?

Promo your course

Encourage course sign-ups with a promo video as engaging as the course itself.

21. Give a rundown of what you offer

Detail everything prospective students need to know about your course with an explainer promo video.

This Language School Explainer mixes video footage with animation to create an informative explainer that’s worth watching all the way through.

22. Shout about your sale

If your course is having a sale, make sure people know about it. Promote what you’re offering and just how much money new students could save if they sign up now.

23. Show why your course is worth signing up for

Make what your course offers the selling point of your promo video. Now is the time to toot your own horn — your course is the best around and don’t let anyone forget it.

This Workshop Promo covers everything attendees can expect to gain from the experience so there’s no mistaking the value of the course.

Promo with social media

Leverage the promotional powers of social media to help put your promo videos in front of the right eyeballs. Use these video promo ideas optimized for each platform.

24. Reach your audience with Facebook

A heck-ton of people watch video on Facebook every day (we’re talking 8 billion video views a day) so it’s a great place to be if you want to get new eyes on your brand.

This Facebook Ad promo video example proves how simple it can be to create a promo video that will thrive on Facebook.

25. Lure in the lucrative likes on Instagram

Make a scroll-stopping video promo perfect for Instagram with one of the Instagram Ad ideas ready to go in the video below.

Keep things short and square to please the platform.

26. Engage a younger audience with Stories

Convert any of the ideas on this page into an Instagram or Facebook Story as another way to reach your audience or to target the younger crowd. Or, turn one of the ideas in the video below into your next great promo.

27. Try your hand at Twitter

Twitter’s whole thing is bite-sized bits of goodness, which is great, because that’s our thing too. Unleash a promo video on Twitter to stand out amongst the primarily text-based platform.

How about another four short promo video ideas, perfect for Twitter?

28. Target a younger audience with TikTok

If you want to reach the kids, you’re gonna have to get on TikTok. Make a TikTok debut (that makes it look like you’ve been TikToking your whole life) with a promo video that strikes the balance between promo and fun.

Remember to keep your aspect ratio tall (9:16) for the mobile-oriented app.

29. Promo to professionals with LinkedIn

Advertise across LinkedIn with a promo video that speaks to professionals. Keep things relevant to the networks you’re targeting and stick to your brand’s color scheme or corporate colors.

Try one of these three promo video ideas created for LinkedIn.

30. Get crafty on Pinterest

If you think you’ve hit all the major social platforms, don’t forget about Pinterest. Often overshadowed by the social giants above, Pinterest has a large and loyal user base that might just make the ideal audience for your brand.

Take a look at three tips for scroll-stopping Pinterest promos.

FAQs for promo videos

You’ve got promo video ideas, but you’ve also got questions. No worries. We’ve answered your FAQs about making the best promo videos possible.

What makes a good promo video?

To make a good promo video:

  • Grab attention. Grab attention in the first scene.
  • Get to the point. Present the problem and solution in the first 5 seconds.
  • Keep it short. Usually under a minute.
  • Don’t forget captions. Include captions so people can watch without sound.
  • Include a call-to-action. A clickable CTA button is best.

How do you make a simple video promotion?

To make a simple video promotion:

  1. Choose an online video maker like Biteable.
  2. Pick a promotional video template.
  3. Add stock clips and animations.
  4. Include your own clips and images (optional).
  5. Add on-screen text, captions, and voice over (optional).
  6. Download your video promotion or share it with a trackable link.

What is the best length for a promotional video?

The best length for a promotional video is generally under a minute. Many promotional videos are as short as thirty seconds or less. Your video should be just long enough to convey the problem, the solution, and what action viewers should take next.

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