Capture unmissable messages with Record

Woman gesturing while recording a video on a computer screen.

Capture your most important messages with Biteable’s new Record tool. Hit record on your own first-person footage, or send a Record Request to share the spotlight.

Say hello to the simplest way to create, collaborate, and celebrate with your team.

How to send a Record Request

Boost engagement with familiar faces

Transform dull messages into memorable videos with a few friendly faces. Use first-person footage to grab attention, or to simplify and summarize important information.

No need to mark out time in your team’s calendar — Biteable videos work with everyone’s busy schedule. Press play anywhere, anytime. Use Record to keep your team informed, aligned, and connected without the distraction of another meeting.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Request, record, and review in one place

Request and receive video responses without leaving Biteable. No more uploading, downloading, and trimming scattered snippets — find all your recordings and requests saved within your account.

Enter your recipients’ email address and your project info — they’ll receive an email with a request to hit record. We’ll include your project information and prompts, as well as a handy space for speaking notes. When the requestee is happy with their cameo, you’ll find their video response/s saved within the “Add” tab of your account.

If you’d like multiple clips from the same person, include multiple prompts in your request to cut out the need for slicing and splicing. Each clip will be saved separately in your account, ready to be added to your finished project.

Create, collaborate, and celebrate with Record

Take your videos to the next level with first-person footage and co-worker cameos. Recognize achievements and special occasions, stand out in a crowded recruiting landscape, and keep your team connected with engaging updates and announcements.

Level-up the group card

Do one better than a group card. Celebrate birthdays, new team members, anniversaries, and life events, or share best wishes, get well soon messages, and words of support.

Or, let new team members introduce themselves with an all-about-me video.

Keep all types of teams connected

Whether you’re back to the office, hybrid, or working remotely, align your team with engaging updates and announcements.

Foster and feature workplace culture

Add a personal touch to your comms with friendly and familiar faces. Use Record Request to collect testimonials from your team that’ll help you stand out in a crowded recruiting market.


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