Why the Social Media Marketing Institute used Biteable videos for its awards night

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The business

The inside scoop on SMMI

The Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) is on a mission to elevate and engage its followers, help them achieve their career goals, and enhance the overall social media industry. It’s a big mission, but one that SMMI is achieving.

“One of the biggest pressures on me is my time. Biteable helps me get professional-looking videos created quickly, which makes me look good.”

The company is led by founder and CEO, Mireille Ryan. Before starting SMMI three years ago, Mirielle was an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker who learned how to harness the power of social media to propel her own career forward. She now shares her knowledge with others to help them do the same.

One of SMMI’s biggest annual initiatives is its “Social Media Marketing Awards” ceremony. The event honors and recognizes both individuals and businesses who display a high level of excellence in the field of social media marketing.

The road to Biteable

Mireille is no stranger to Biteable. In fact, one might even venture to call her a power user because she’s created so many videos. But that wasn’t always the case. Before discovering Biteable, Mireille took to Fiverr in an attempt to hire out the video creation process. But in her own words:

“It all comes down to ease and timeliness. With Fiverr, there’s always a delay. If I’m in the process of creating content, I need it now.”

After Fiverr, Mireille took a stab at iMovie, the popular free software for Mac users. But she quickly realized the tool’s limitations. It just didn’t have the ‘oomph’ she needed for serious video creation. Fortunately, she discovered Biteable and hasn’t looked back since. She says:

“I’m not a guru when it comes to video editing so I wanted something that made the process easier and makes what I do look attractive. Biteable was a great fit!”

Using Biteable

Better videos, less effort

Mireille uses Biteable for a wide range of different tasks related to her company. So we weren’t surprised to learn that she also used the software to create stunning nominee presentations for the Social Media Marketing Awards ceremony.

How many videos? 42 of them. And the best part? Each presentation took Mireille less than 10 minutes to create.

The event

An elevated awards ceremony

Mireille’s Biteable videos were a smash hit at the Social Media Marketing Awards and she really enjoyed creating them. One of her favorite things about Biteable is that she can upload her own music. In fact, that’s exactly what she did for her award presentations. Mireille worked with a music producer who crafted custom tracks for each of her videos.

Mireille also enjoys the “Duplicate video” feature and uses it quite often. She says, “I’ll create a video for, say, LinkedIn. Then I can quickly duplicate it, change out the information, and use the video on my other social channels as well, which saves a lot of time.”

Video marketing tips

How to make award-worthy videos like SMMI

Are you ready to create amazing videos for your company? All you have to do is sign up for your free Biteable account and follow these tips from SMMI’s Mireille Ryan:

  • Biteable can be used for a wide range of different purposes. From marketing and sales content to training guides and tutorials to award presentation videos, the Biteable library has what you need to craft quality videos quickly. Get creative and see what you can do!

  • Understand who your audience is and what appeals to them. Biteable has tons of templates and a large media library that you can use. It’s your job to know which templates and clips will best connect with your target market.

  • Invest in strong branding. Viewers should always be able to tell who the company behind your videos are. Fortunately, Biteable makes it easy to change colors, add logos, and more so that your company’s unique brand always shines through.

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