Social media infographics

We hope these ten examples of social media infographics (plus templates!) gets your creative juices flowing.
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One of the holy grails for any social media marketing strategy is to make a highly likeable and shareable video. Infographics featuring interesting statistics are likely to be popular on any platform, because who doesn’t love a good infographic filled with news, stats, and slick animation?

Biteable is a great online tool for any maker of infographics, and we see unmissable ones being made every day, so here’s a semi-random sampler of great social media infographics made with Biteable.

Social Media Infographic Examples

We hope these ten examples of social media infographics (plus templates!) gets your creative juices flowing. 

#1: The Basic Infographic

It’s simple, it’s versatile, it’s shareable as heck. Add your highly relevant and engaging stats and facts and call it a day.

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#2: Plastic Free July Infographic

This video is a great example of a socially responsible infographic video designed to share on social media to spread awareness about Plastic Free July.

#3: Wash Hands Infographic

Help your audience make healthy choices with timely infographic videos that promote the safety of themselves and others. It shows you care and is super shareable.


#4: Recycling Infographic

Establish your brand as one that cares about the planet. Sharing relevant information and reminders that matter to everyone is a sure way to increase clicks. People who care are more likely to share, so try to tap into the causes people really care about.

#5: Charity Infographic

Whether you’re a not-for-profit or taking a moment to shine a spotlight on a charity your brand supports, let your followers know all the good going on. If you’re looking to make a call to action (fundraising, donations, etc), this is a great way to get all the info across in a persuasive, engaging and shareable way.

#6: World Environment Day

A bit of a mix between an infographic and a listicle, this video lets you celebrate World Environment Day with your followers. Share some tips alongside the stats for an extra-shareable post.

#7: Marketing Infographic

We’re getting a little meta with this one, but it’s a whole infographic on why infographics are great for marketing and social media. If you’re a B2B, this might be right up your alley.

#8: Loving Day

Loving Day commemorates the United States Supreme Court’s 1967 decision to strike down laws that banned interracial marriage in several states. Celebrate Loving Day and share some history by sharing across your socials.

#9: World Current Events

Take this Covid-19 explainer as an example of an infographic covering a current event relevant to your audience. Set yourself apart from the pack by offering need-to-know info that’s sure to up your engagement in the process.

#10: Moon Day Infographic

Get scientific with an infographic like this Moon Day video. Whether you’re celebrating Moon Day or space vibes are just very on-brand for your brand, this might be something your audience want to know about.

If you’re still after some inspiration, we’ve got another article with infographic examples here, one on ideas of ways to approach infographics here, and one about infographic design here.


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