Time to Come In, Bear: A Book About Social Distancing for Kids

Open children's book with colorful illustrations of bears and playful fonts on a Biteable video maker background.

Help the children in your care understand social distancing with this heart-warming story about the bear (and friends) who had to come in.

Created collaboratively by the author Kim St. Lawrence and Biteable, this limited-run book is the perfect aid for helping children understand the COVID-19 pandemic and why they have to stay home.

The book is based upon a popular video created by Kim St. Lawrence using Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker.

The original Time to Come In, Bear video, created by Kim St. Lawrence in a weekend using the bear scenes in Biteable.

To find out how its author achieved more than 800,000 views, read our success story about Kim.

Order your copy

To order your full-color, 20-page edition of Time to Come In, Bear, hit the ‘Order’ button below and complete the order form.

The book costs $19.99 (USD) and includes free shipping to anywhere in the world. Proceeds raised from the sale of the book go to the WHO COVID-19 response fund.


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