How to maximize workplace productivity with video

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We won’t sugar-coat it: effective communication is the lifeblood of any organization. With the rise of remote work and asynchronous teams, the need for clear, concise, and impactful communication has never been greater. While text-based communication has many merits, video communication has emerged as a powerful tool to maximize workplace productivity. 

We’ll explore the challenges organizations face when relying solely on text-based communication and discuss how video communication can help overcome these hurdles.

The limitations of text-based communication

There’s no denying that text-based comms are an essential pillar of workplace communication. But, there are some things text just can’t do.

1. Misinterpretation and lack of clarity

One of the significant downfalls of text-based communication, like emails and Slack messages, is the increased risk of misinterpretation. 

A written message lacks the visual cues and tone of voice crucial to understanding a message’s context and intent. Have you ever read a blunt message from your busy boss and convinced yourself you’d done something wrong? You’re not alone. 

Text-based messages can (and often do) lead to misinterpretations, confusion, and, ultimately, communication breakdown if not dealt with swiftly. 

2. Low engagement

Text-only messages can be tedious to read and often lead to employees skimming or skipping important information. Think of that hefty email from HR or the PowerPoint slide with wayyy too much text — your brain opts out before you even start reading. This lack of engagement is a highway to miscommunication and decreased productivity.

3. Slower response times

Reading, typing, reading, typing…. it can be a slow process. When employees have to wait for a response to a text-based message, they might be losing valuable time — quick decision-making and productivity are the most likely to take a hit. Not only that, but the back-and-forth nature of text conversations can make it difficult to establish a clear consensus when everyone is typing on top of each other.

The power of video communication

Enter video. The peanut butter to text-based communication’s jelly. They’re impressive on their own, but even better together. 

1. Visual cues and tone of voice

This is one of video’s most powerful benefits — communication becomes crystal clear. Where text-based communication fails, video messages step up to provide visual cues and tone of voice, which make it easier for team members to understand the context and intent of a message. 

Video messages reduce misunderstandings, create a more cohesive and connected team, and improve communication for everyone.

2. Increased engagement

It’s not hard to believe that video communication is generally more engaging than text. But it’s not just more engaging, it’s also more memorable. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. This increased engagement leads to better comprehension of important information and, ultimately, greater productivity.

3. Efficient, ASYNC communication

Recorded video messages unlock the power of asynchronous communication, without sacrificing the benefits of face-to-face teamwork. Video communication enables team members to send and respond to messages at a convenient time — no matter what office or time zone they might be in. This reduces bottlenecks in communication and improves overall efficiency in your workplace.

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How to maximize productivity with video

Now that we’ve convinced you video is the missing link, let’s talk about how to seamlessly add video to your workplace toolkit.

1. Utilize platforms like Biteable

There’s no need to become an Oscar-worthy video editor overnight. Tools like Biteable offer quick, easy, and professional video communication with zero experience. Record and share videos, capture your screen, and even request recordings from colleagues or customers. 

By incorporating a platform like Biteable into your communication strategy, you can ensure high-quality and effective video content without the time-consuming side effects of traditional video recording and editing.

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2. Create short, focused videos for key updates

Instead of sending long emails or lengthy documents, create short, focused videos to communicate important updates with your team — or even send both. 

Short and sweet videos are info-packed, memorable, and easy to digest — perfect for breaking down dull details for busy teams.

3. Utilize recorded video for training and onboarding

Video-based training materials are often more engaging, accessible, and easier to understand than text-based materials. By incorporating recorded video into your training and onboarding processes, you can help to increase employee engagement and retention of essential information.

4. Encourage the use of recorded video messages for collaboration

Video communication is most powerful when embraced by your whole team. Encourage team members to use recorded video messages to share ideas, provide updates, and seek feedback. It’s ASYNC, more personal, and avoids costly miscommunications.

5. Establish clear guidelines for recorded video communication

To ensure that recorded video communication is used effectively, establish clear guidelines for when and how it should be used in your org. This can include setting expectations for video quality, defining the types of updates that should be shared through video, and providing guidance on how to create engaging video content.

This will look different for every team — more casual, chatty videos might be best for your team, and more professional, branded videos might work best for another. It all depends on your goals and your audience.

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