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Biteable is truly the enterprise video software for everyone in your org. A leading solution built with internal comms in mind, Biteable combines advanced video-making features with a collaborative platform and done-for-you editing tools so your team can make engaging videos in minutes, not hours.

How to make an enterprise video with Biteable

Pick a video template or build your own with pre-made animated scenes.

Customize your video: add or remove scenes, include animated text, upload your own pictures and video clips. You can even add a voice over!

Download your masterpiece or share it far and wide with a single, trackable link.

Watch your business video drive customers back to your site.

Surprisingly simple enterprise video software

On-point templates

Choose from hundreds of templates and scenes designed for corporate internal comms.

Intuitive platform

A collaborative workflow and intelligent editing features make it easy for anyone to create a video.

Branding made easy

Biteable’s innovative branding feature automatically applies your company colors to every scene.

Getting started

Biteable enterprise video software puts video making in your team’s hands

Your team is ready to use video for internal comms. Biteable is the tool that will get you there.

Biteable is the enterprise video software that puts video in the hands of anyone on your team. Take advantage of a collaborative workflow and team editing capabilities for a seamless corporate video-making experience from start to finish.

Workplace-focused templates ensure everyone on your team creates videos with a polished look, regardless of their experience. An innovative branding feature keeps people on-book with a saved set of color combinations, fonts, and logos that can be automatically applied to an entire video.

Add a voice-over, record first-person video clips, and swap out animated scenes all with the click of a button. No guesswork. No fiddling with complicated features. No experience necessary. Just enterprise video software made easy.

Create enterprise videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand video ads. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

The basics

How to use an enterprise video platform

1. Start a free Biteable Trial

To create a video using an enterprise video platform, start your free 7-day trial of Biteable. You and your team get access to all the premium features the platform has to offer.

2. Choose the right template

Scroll through Biteable’s robust content library for hundreds of brandable templates specifically designed to engage employees and activate teams.

3. Customize your template

Customizing your video template is simple with Biteable’s enterprise video platform. Use the intelligent editor to easily add new scenes and animations, on-screen text, and background music. Apply a voice-over or record a first-person video clip without ever leaving the app. Biteable does all the heavy lifting for you.

4. Brand your video

Use the brand builder in Biteable’s enterprise video platform to automatically fetch your logo and brand colors from your company website and seamlessly apply them to your entire video.

5. Share your enterprise video

When you’re happy with your enterprise video, use the platform to easily share it. Download your video if you need. Or for true simplicity, generate a trackable link and drop it into an email, instant message, intranet blog post or anywhere else that allows clickable links.

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Biteable’s enterprise video software has people talking

Black and white portrait of a smiling woman with short wavy hair created using Biteable video maker.

“I was looking at what we were doing, and how much we were spending, and knew we could do something better. Then I found Biteable.”

Employee trainings

Make training more effective and easier to complete with on-demand videos that hold people’s attention.

Company-wide announcements

Enhance your enterprise’s internal comms with engaging and memorable video announcements.

Video presentations

Go beyond a static PowerPoint (without any extra effort). Create dynamic video presentations in minutes.

Report summaries

Make boring data jump off the page with a video summarizing a report’s key points.


Get attention and find better candidates with eye-catching recruitment videos.

Leadership updates

Connect your c-suite to employees with personable and engaging leadership videos.


All about enterprise video platforms

We’ve got answers to all your FAQs about enterprise video platforms and software.

What is an enterprise video platform?

An enterprise video platform is any piece of software that empowers users to create, manage, and distribute videos for their respective organizations. Many enterprise video platforms are online, giving large companies access to advanced features with maximum flexibility and little to no training required.

What is the largest enterprise video platform?

The largest enterprise video platform is up for debate among industry experts. Many experts do agree that finding the right tool for your company is more important than using the largest enterprise video platform. Look for features that fit your needs and a platform that’s accessible across your entire organization.

What is enterprise video content management?

Enterprise video content management is the process of managing and distributing videos for a large organization. Effective enterprise video content management usually also involves tracking views and engagement for any given video, as well as engagement on all videos over time.

Pro tips

4 ways to get the most out of your enterprise video software

Once you choose an enterprise video software for your company, it’s time to put it to work by creating videos that engage, align, and activate employees. Follow these four best practices to create attention-grabbing videos for internal comms.

Use first-person footage to engage employees

To enhance your enterprise’s internal comms, add first-person footage to some of your videos. First-person footage humanizes your videos, making your message more relatable and helping employees connect with the managers and leadership who deliver that message.

Not every video needs first-person footage. But it’s especially important if the topic is sensitive or the message is complex. A short clip introducing the video, or a few short clips combined with on-screen text, is usually enough.

For maximum impact, maintain a casual tone and keep video clips under 15 seconds long.

Easily capture first-person footage with Biteable’s enterprise video software. Biteable’s Record feature lets you record a clip of yourself without leaving the platform. You can also remotely request and gather footage of someone else. Clips automatically upload to your Biteable account and can be added to any video with a single click.

Be mindful of length

We recommend keeping most internal comms videos to two minutes or less. Anything longer and people’s attention tends to wander.

To help keep your videos short, stick to one topic per video. If your message is complex, break it up into a series of videos that people can watch at their convenience.

If you’re still unsure about your video length, use your enterprise video software to track your analytics. If people consistently drop off instead of watching all the way to the end, assume your videos are too long; adjust them in the future.

Keep your style consistent (and on brand)

Even internal communication videos should stay on brand and stick to a consistent style. Consistency helps people easily process and remember information. Instead of focusing on a flashy style or an unexpected tone, people can pay attention to the message.

Create a simple set of style guidelines for your team to follow when they make videos. Include guidelines like which types of animations to use and when and how to include first-person footage. Use Biteable’s brand builder to save an approved set of fonts, logos, and brand color combinations so anyone in your company can pick up and create a consistent, on-brand video.

Distribute your enterprise videos on multiple platforms

Your goal is to reach the most employees and create the most engagement. To do this, you need to meet employees on the platforms they already prefer.

The easiest way to do this is to share your video using a link. An enterprise video software like Biteable automatically generates a unique, trackable link for each video you create. For maximum effect, drop the link into all of the platforms your employees already use: email, instant messaging, intranet blog posts, training software, and employee social platforms.

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