Make Videos for Facebook

Create Facebook videos that demand attention. Craft Facebook video ads that make people stop scrolling and watch, and do it in less time than it takes to find something to watch on Netflix.

Facebook is easy. Why should making an awesome video be different?

Biteable makes crafting your next video fast and painless.

We designed dozens of ready-to-use, free Facebook video templates with scenes for every occasion. All you have to do is find your fave, choose your scenes, add text, and pick the perfect audio track.

Template Examples

Why make videos for Facebook?

1.4 billion people log into Facebook every single day.

That’s a lot of eyeballs. It’s also a lot of competition.

Ever since FB introduced ads, organic reach has been dropping fast. The more followers you’ve got, the harder it is for them to see your posts.

However, Facebook’s algorithm loves video and ranks it higher than other post types. This means more people see your stuff, leave comments, and hit that share button.

Fun, engaging Facebook videos are your ticket to getting noticed!

With Biteable, you can design and post your next super successful Facebook video in minutes. That’s exactly what Zina did.

It takes us around 20 minutes to create a video after defining the script. The layout is intuitive and no special training is needed. The likes on our Facebook page have increased dramatically since we started posting videos. We’ve broken all our website traffic records and product sales have increased by 110% over the past 30 days.

— Zina Magomet

How to make videos for Facebook

Making a Facebook video with Biteable is easier than eating a party size bag of chips while marathoning your favorite show.

  1. Choose a Facebook video template (we add new ones all the time!)
  2. Log into your Biteable account (don’t have one? Sign up for free!)
  3. Customize your template. Choose colors, images, footage, and audio. Or, if you’re feeling creative, build your own unique video from scratch with our professional animated scenes and stock footage.
  4. Post the finished video on your Facebook page, or download it to use in your Facebook video Ad campaign.

Facebook video tips

Before you start creating, make sure your video stands out. Here are our tried and tested tips for crafting an unforgettable (and effective) Facebook video.

  • Start with a BANG: You’ve got less than 3 seconds to grab the scroller’s attention, so the first few frames are essential. Go big — use bright colors and gorgeous images to make the viewer stick around.
  • Win their attention again with every frame: Every image and scene needs to perfectly convey what your video is about and keep the viewer watching. A short, tight video is better than a long, rambling one, so edit ruthlessly.
  • Let the text do the talking: About 85% of all Facebook videos are watched with the sound off. Use text and subtitles throughout or risk losing the viewer.

Facebook video examples

Ready to find The One? We’ve got templates for every occasion.

From holiday-themed scenes for every seasonal event, adorable animated scenes to add a dash of irresistible cuteness to your videos, and even some serious stuff…we’ve got it all.


Pick your favorite and start creating.

How to post videos on Facebook

Ready to post a video to your Facebook page? It’s pretty intuitive.

  1. Log into your Facebook account and head over to your business page.

  2. Start writing your social media update. If you’re sharing a video through your business page, you’ll see a small camera icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Click on it to add your video.

  3. Time to optimize your Facebook video! Add a clear, descriptive title that tells people what your video’s about. Choose a thumbnail and then add relevant tags. If you’ve got a large international audience, you can add captions in various languages.

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