Create a captivating Facebook cover video

Make enticing Facebook page video covers that tell your brand’s story and turn curious visitors into devoted fans.

Your Facebook page is awesome. From your compelling call to action to the carefully-crafted posts and cool videos, every element is designed to make people fall in love with your brand.

So why have a yawn-inducing Facebook header when you could have an awesome video banner?

Using Biteable to make a cover video for your Facebook page is easier than deciding what to order at Starbucks. We serve you up a ready-to-go selection of pre-made, highly customizable templates – all you need is five minutes and some internet.

Easy. Inexpensive. Excellent results.

— Barry, a satisfied video maker

Why make a Facebook cover video?

Your Facebook banner is the first thing people see when they land on your Facebook page. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn some heads.

A static image captures only a single aspect of your brand. A video, however, can bring all the facets of your business into focus. It’s a chance to showcase who you are and tease the products, services, and fun that’s to come if people get to know you better.

How to make a Facebook cover video

Ready to get to work and make that cover a movie star?

  1. Choose your favorite Facebook cover video template.
  2. Sign into your Biteable account. No account? No problem. Sign up in seconds using your email, Google account, or Facebook account. It’s free (the free version has some features disabled).
  3. Put your personality into the template. Add text, change the font and colors, add music or a voiceover, upload custom images and footage. Hit Publish and ta-da! You’ve got a brand new video.
  4. Add the finished video to your Facebook page.

If you want a more-in depth guide for making a killer first video, we’ve got one for you right here.

Put your best foot forward

Introduce yourself on Facebook with an irresistible cover video

Facebook video cover specs

Now for the boring (but important) stuff – the perfect video specs.

Size: Make sure your video is less than 1.75GB in size!

Dimensions: Your cover video should be 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels high, or a minimum of 820 x 312.

Format: While Facebook supports a few different formats, MP4 and MOV are your best options.

Length: Your video should be between 20 and 90 seconds long.

Facebook heading video tips

The key to creating an effective Facebook cover video is to focus on the audience. What’s the best way to show them what your brand is all about? What scenes will help them instantly get you?

Here are our favorite tips:

Short and focused beats long and info-heavy. This is an intro video, not a full-on tutorial. You don’t need to show everything in the banner – share just enough to hook viewers in so they’ll want to learn more.

Stay on brand. Always. If you’re known for being quirky and offbeat, show it in your video. If you’re fairly straight-laced, your Facebook cover video isn’t the time to experiment with jokes. And only ever use your brand colors.

Make sure the scenes fit. Your cover video’s visual flow is essential. Every scene should effortlessly flow into the next and add to the message. If it doesn’t further the message, cut it.

Don’t rely on audio. Most people will watch your cover video on mute so bear in mind your viewers should get the full experience without it.

Facebook cover video examples

What does a top-tier Facebook cover video look like in the wild? Let’s take a look.

Marie Forleo is an influential entrepreneur and thought leader. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs grow businesses.

Her Facebook cover video is a collection of scenes from talks, interviews, and videos that perfectly sum up her brand, show her experience, and cement her credibility through social proof.

While you probably don’t have footage of Oprah telling the world how awesome you are, you can use customer testimonials and footage of your team to really introduce your business.

T-Mobile, a phone carrier and telecommunications company, focus on what their products do. The rapidly changing scenes of phone footage and people using their phones to connect with the world instantly highlights the power of the product.

Making a cover video for a product-based business? Focus on the outcome and show us how people use your product.

Monday is a project management app. Their Facebook cover video uses humor, animation, copy, and a touch of product footage to spark interest without straying into full-blown demo territory.

So now you should have the tools and inspiration to go forth and make yourself an amazing Facebook cover video in minutes. But if you’re still hungry for more knowledge, we’ve got plenty more resources in the Biteable blog to keep you learning.

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