Create marketing videos that inspire action

Make marketing videos that draw fans, earn subscribers, increase conversion rates, and help grow your business. Biteable is your one-stop online marketing video maker.

These days, marketing with video is non-negotiable. You need to do it for your site, blog posts, social media updates, and ad campaigns. Why? Because the best marketing videos help increase dwell time and site traffic while driving sales and reducing support queries.

But how does anyone have time to make that many videos without hiring a huge, costly team of video ninjas? Simple. By using the right online video software.

With Biteable, you can craft an explainer video for your site or put together a personalized ‘thank-you’ message in minutes. Getting set up only takes a couple of seconds and it’s easier to use than Netflix.

We’ve got hundreds of pre-made, fully-customizable templates and all the tools you need to make each video unique to your business.

Animated marketing videos

We’ve got lots of animated characters you can use to tell your story. Here’s a small selection to get you started.

Social media marketing videos

Marketing videos for social media should be short and fun to watch, and should have text so people can see what’s going on with no sound. Here’s a couple of templates that would be perfect for marketing on any social media platform.

Marketing videos for small business

An explainer or promo video is the perfect marketing tool for any small business. Make one video and put it on your home page, on YouTube, on social media, even send it to gran! Here’s a couple of examples.

Product videos for marketing

There are lots of options for you to feature pictures or video footage of your products in Biteable videos. Here’s a small selection of templates with photo or video upload options.

Biteable makes the life of a marketing team easy, especially if it’s a small team with not many resources. Perfectly crafted videos in minutes!

— Pelin Smines, Head of Marketing at Lojika

Why make marketing videos?

Marketing videos help you get clients, sell products, and keep visitors on your site — according to Hubspot, 81% of buyers bought a product or service and 69% bought software after watching a marketing video.

Animator and educator Anneke Camstra built her LinkedIn audience by using animation video software to create short educational videos. Her Biteable videos helped build an email list and sell courses — all without her needing to spend more than a few minutes a day. That’s the power of a well-executed marketing video.

MediCompare, a UK insurance broker, decreased the bounce rate on their home page by a whopping 36% and increased their conversion rate by 20% just by adding a Biteable explainer video.

Maureen Fastige, Business Development Administrator at insurance company Bateman, Gordon & Sands Inc. beat the industry average email open rate by 167% after she began adding the videos she made with Biteable.

Getting more clients. Selling products. Decreasing bounce rates. These are the reasons people like Anneke and Maureen, and companies like MediCompare make marketing videos, and why you should too.

How to make a marketing video

Making a marketing video with Biteable is easier than working your way through a family-size bag of popcorn at the movies before the trailers end.

  1. Choose your favorite template and click on “Edit video”.
  2. Log into your Biteable account. Don’t have one? Sign up for free — it takes less time than reading this sentence all the way to the end.
  3. Now turn your template into a marketing video so awesome your audience will demand you immediately make more. You can customize almost every aspect: change the fonts and colors, add music or a voiceover, add new scenes or upload custom graphics, images, and footage.
  4. Hit ‘Publish’ and use the finished video in your next marketing email, on a landing page, or in your latest social media campaign.

Want more details? Get the full story here.

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