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Interface of a digital media platform with various categories including stock images, graphics, and videos, featuring a search bar labeled "Discover.

Discover all our content in one place

Search for a keyword and see all our related content via the Discover tab.

New easy edit options

Build your video with the script editor and finesse with the timeline.

Digital screen displaying a document editing interface with a monthly report for September 2023, featuring text formatting tools.
User interface of a digital content management system showing project search functionality and thumbnail previews of videos and documents.

Seek, and ye shall find

Find what you’re looking for with project and animation search.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Drag and drop content into your video
  • Save time with keyboard shortcuts
  • Reach further with support for right-to-left language text
Black woman editing a video on a laptop with video editing software interface displayed in the foreground.
A graphic design interface showing a selected megaphone icon with options to replace, trim, and apply effects.

Hear the good stuff

  • Hear the important stuff with auto-ducking for voice-overs
  • Control your editing view with a collapsible timeline
  • Edit seamlessly with a dynamic toolbar

Nudge, nudge, nudge

Nudge elements with your keyboard to perfect your layout.

Two people in separate circles connected by arrows, a woman smiling to her left and a man looking right, suggesting communication or workflow.

New animated effects

  • Make your message shine with highlight, sparkle, and confetti animations
  • Snow and film effects to set your video’s mood

119 new music tracks​

  • Find a soundtrack for every video’s vibe (plus an easier to navigate music panel!)
  • New pre-built scene styles
  • Right-click menu options in the editor
  • 16 new arrow animations
A digital interface displaying a selection of music tracks with playable videos, featuring a smiling person with face paint and piano keys in separate video thumbnails.
A digital interface showing a "Generate voice-over" screen with profile options for selecting voice actors by name and accent.

Text-to-speech AI voiceovers​

Bring your voiceover to life with 40+ AI voices and languages.

A content bar for intuitive creation​

Browse and add scenes, animations, graphics, stock, and more directly from the editor.

Graphical user interface of a digital asset library, displaying categories like Icons, Animations, Characters with a search bar labeled "Search graphics.
A woman in a striped shirt gestures while speaking, sitting on a couch with a bookshelf behind her; video playback controls and a "CC" icon are visible.

Closed captions​

Automatic closed captions are a simple way to boost accessibility. Premium users can generate captions from the Publish page.

Longer videos are here

  • Create longer videos (up to 20 minutes!)
  • Speedy videos with a new and improved AI video maker
  • Get creative with multiple videos in one scene
Vector illustration of a user interface with an icon of two people, a clock, a progress bar, and a "20 min" label, using a gradient blue and purple background.
Graphical interface showing a bar chart and two labeled voiceover controls on a purple gradient background.

Multiple voice-overs​

Share your message with multiple voice-over tracks.

Plus so much more

What makes Biteable better?

We’re glad you asked.

Video creation for everyone. Yep, even you.

We believe video creation should be so simple, anyone can do it. Biteable’s easy-to-use creation tools make it easy to make a video in a snap. Made for marketers, teachers, organizations, and your Uncle Fred.

Content that's a cut above

There are a lot of video editors out there, but none with a content library like ours. Choose from 1000s of house-made animated characters, icons, graphics, and more. They’re high-quality, customizable, and the heart of every video.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Video isn’t just a solo sport. Thousands of teams use Biteable to bring their message to life, and we want to make it easy. Our collaborative tools include shared editing, comments, team folders and assets, saved branding, and more.

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