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Create inspiring training videos that will leave your viewers coming back for more. All you need is an idea, a spare few minutes, and Biteable’s online video maker.

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How to make a training video in the time it takes to read this page

  1. Go to the Biteable website on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  2. Log in, or a make a new account if you haven’t already – sign up here!
  3. Pick a template or start from scratch.
  4. Customise it however you like. Chop, change, add your own pictures, videos, and sounds.
  5. Get that training video out into the big wide world!
Learn how to make a training video people will actually want to watch

Getting started

The reason your peers use Biteable

Whether you’re making training videos for your team, spicing up your customer onboarding experience, or trying to bring in students for your latest course, you want your videos to look good.

With Biteable, creating great training videos takes minutes. Choose from hundreds of templates designed by top-tier animators and marketers, and customize them to fit your goals.

More memorable than a bear in bike shorts

If you want people to remember your message, turn it into a captivating video. Studies have found that people retain up to 95% of the information in a video but only around 10% when reading text.

It’s no wonder 75% of your team would rather watch a video than read text. And with Biteable, you can rescue your audience from text by creating attractive, simple, and informative videos.

Make a training video in the time it takes to order your dinner

The basics

A training video that delights your viewers

How can you effectively communicate a message and keep people entertained? Regardless of the setting, training videos are a proven way to effectively teach whilst retaining a high level of interest. And since your viewers are (probably) only going to watch it once, you need to make it count.

A wealth of options

Engage your viewers with high-quality footage. Our library of 800,000+ stock footage clips that’ll give your training videos that extra oomph.

Start with the perfect template

Top athletes use and alter existing training programs and exercises. Successful sales reps start with a script before adapting it to fit the needs of their customers. The same goes with training videos.

Our templates are the perfect starting point. They’re structured so you can create quickly and effortlessly, but you can also customize them to fit your needs – and if you really want to be a trailblazer, you can start from scratch.

Add a sprinkle of personal seasoning

Start off strong with a template. But to really win over your viewers, add a personal touch to bring them back for more.

Biteable’s online training video software makes it easy (we mean seriously easy) to change colors and fonts to match your brand, to add catchy royalty-free music that complements your video, and to upload custom images or graphics that show off who you are.

A great service that did what I needed better and faster than I could have done it on my own. I was making a video to help new starters in my team understand what the team was all about.

No longer stressed about making training videos

The ease with which anyone can create eye-catching videos is mind-boggling. This is one of the smoothest and most intuitive programs I have ever used.

A happy Biteble camper

Make a training video in a flash

Pro tips

Knock their socks off

Biteable training videos are purposefully bite-sized. Viewers want to watch content that provides digestible info quickly. That’s why 56% of videos online are under the 2-minute mark.

You can’t always fit in the time to watch a 10-minute video, but who doesn’t have a spare 60 seconds? Especially if that something is moreish, like a bowl of salted peanuts.

Here are some pro tips to take your next video from average to super.

Remember the hero of your story

Your training videos should always have a hero: the customer.

Whether you’re getting them excited with a brief onboarding training video or sharing info about your latest course, focus on how the information affects your hero.

How does it help them? What is your video teaching them? Address these questions and you’ll keep your hero glued to the screen and reaching for the share button.

Show you’re the real deal

Generously sprinkle social proof throughout your training video.

Add customer testimonials from people similar to your hero. Add the logos of trusted companies you’ve worked with. The key is to find the sorts of social proof that will appeal to your viewer and make them pick you over everyone else.

Pair stunning visuals with snappy text

Let your visuals do the talking. Our in-house animators have designed scenes that’ll look stylish and fantastic, and there’s a limited number of characters for each scene to keep your words sharp and to the point.

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