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Create on-demand training videos that are engaging and memorable. Biteable is a leading video maker that combines studio-quality scenes and templates with an intelligent and user-friendly editing experience to help you make every training video a success.

Training-ready visuals

Hundreds of studio-quality scenes, animations, and templates designed with workplace training in mind.

Intuitive editing

Biteable makes creating training videos so easy some might even call it fun.

Single-link sharing

Share, update, and track training videos on all your existing platforms using a single link.

Getting started

Make your most successful training videos yet with Biteable

Creating training videos is one of the most effective ways to engage employees with on-demand learning. Biteable’s training video maker will get there.

Biteable is a leading video maker with an intuitive workflow that helps you create a training video as easily as you create a PowerPoint.

Brandable scenes and templates take care of the pacing, scene transitions, and visuals. An innovative brand-building feature fetches your company colors from your website and automatically applies them to your entire video.

Customize your video with Biteable’s intelligent, done-for-you editor. Add new scenes and animations with the click of a button. Record a voice-over, screen capture, or first-person footage without leaving the app.

When you’re ready, share your training video on your existing platforms with a single, trackable link. Update your video and the link automatically updates as well.

From beginning to end, Biteable makes creating a successful training video a point-and-click affair.

The basics

How to create engaging training videos

1. Get started with a Biteable trial

Access all of the premium features available in Biteable with a 7-day free trial. You’ll have everything you need to create successful training videos.

2. Pick a template

Start at 90% done with an on-point template. Choose from hundreds of templates and scenes built with the workplace in mind.

3. Customize your video the easy way

When it comes to editing, Biteable does all the heavy lifting for you. Edit your text, fine-tune your animations, and add scenes to your training video with the click of a button. Record a screen capture, voice-over, or first-person video clip directly in the app.

4. Add your company branding

Upload your logo and have Biteable fetch your company colors from your website, then automatically apply it to your entire video for a perfectly on-brand message.

5. Share and track your video

Share your video via email, instant message, or even social media with a clickable link. Then use Biteable’s built-in analytics to make sure everyone is doing their homework.

What training professionals say about Biteable

“Biteable ups our team’s credibility. We can create something beautiful and educational. It showcases that we’re professionals in L&D”
Sarah Jester Lucid
“Biteable forces our team to be more engaged. They’re excited about our content.”
Lindsay Smith Advanced Energy

Examples of engaging training videos

Recorded training videos

Record yourself or make employees the stars of the show with Biteable’s recording tools.

Screen-capture training videos

Outline processes and create reference materials with an in-app screen capture feature.

Animated training videos

Put a finer point on it with animated visuals that keep learners engaged.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.


Making training videos: Your questions answered

There’s always more to learn about making training videos. Here are the answers to the most frequently-asked questions about all things training vid.

All your questions answered about making successful training videos for the workplace.

What is a training video?

A training video is a video designed to educate viewers on a specific topic. The ultimate goal of any training video is to get viewers to understand and retain new knowledge or a skill. Many businesses use training videos as an on-demand learning tool to educate employees on timely topics.

Why create training videos?

Creating a training video is the most efficient way to convey information. Face-to-face training is also important, but it isn’t always possible or necessary. Training videos give employees knowledge in a memorable format at a fraction of the cost of in-person training. Training videos are also ideal for remote employees.

What makes a great training video?

If you want to make a great training video, remember these best practices:

  • Be concise: Say what you need in as few words as possible.
  • Use short sentences: For onscreen text and video clips.
  • Stick to one topic: Cover only one topic per training video.
  • Use visuals: Use visuals like animation and onscreen text to explain concepts.

What are training videos called?

Training videos are also called instructional videos, microlearning videos, and tutorials. Each of these videos uses visuals to explain concepts to learners. In certain contexts, screen-captures, video presentations, and explainers can also be used as training videos.

Are training videos effective?

Training videos are very effective. One of the reasons training videos are effective is because people remember up to 95% of a message they see on a video, compared to 10% in text. Training videos are also especially effective for remote companies that can’t gather employees for in-person training.

How do I create my own training video?

To create your own training video:

1. Find an online video maker. Pick a video maker with training templates and scenes appropriate for the workplace.

2. Use visuals. You don’t need to record yourself on screen to make a great training video. Use on-screen text, animations, voice-over, and screen-capture.

3. Have fun. Don’t get too serious. People learn better when they’re relaxed.

How do you record a good training video?

To record a good training video, you don’t have to make a video of yourself speaking. A good training video can also be made up of animations, on-screen text, and screen captures. If you do want to record yourself, you can combine short video clips with animations and text.

How do you create an employee training video?

The easiest way to create an employee training video is to use an online training video maker that offers video templates geared toward a professional setting. With an employee training video template, all you have to do is plug your information into each scene, similar to creating a PowerPoint presentation.

How do I make a training video for free?

Most online video makers offer free trials. Make a training video for free while you have trial access. This gives you a chance to find out how long it takes you to create a training video and to better understand what your ROI will be if you subscribe.

Learn more: How to Make Instructional Videos

How much does it cost to produce a training video?

It doesn’t cost much to produce a training video. If you use an online video maker, it costs a small fraction compared to producing a training video using a production company. The cost of an annual subscription to an online video maker is typically less than the cost to make only a minute or two of video through a production company.

Pro tips

4 tips for making great training videos

With Biteable on your side, making a great training video is possible even if you have little or no experience. To create truly engaging and memorable training videos, follow these four tips for success.

Get to the point

Your employees are busy people. It’s important to get to the meat of your training right away. Begin delivering key information within the first 10 to 30 seconds. Open with a quick overview of what’s covered in the training video, then jump right in.

The easiest way to keep your video on track is with a template. Biteable templates are designed to get right to the point. Regardless of your training topic, you can use a template as the guide rails for creating a concise, engaging training video.

Use a consistent style

Stick with the same visual style for every training video you make. This helps employees process the information, because they don’t have to spend time thinking about flashy or unexpected visuals.

  • Include an intro scene: Add an intro scene with your logo and training title.
  • Use company colors: Use company colors for the background, text, and animations.
  • Choose a font: Choose a set of fonts and stick with them for each training video.

The easiest way to create a consistent visual style is with Biteable’s brand builder tool.

Biteable fetches your logo and company colors from your website and builds a selection of color combinations. Save your color combos, logo, and text style in your Biteable account. When anyone on your team creates a training video, these elements are automatically applied.

Include animated characters

Humans process and retain information best when that information is delivered in a narrative. People engage even further when they see themselves within that narrative. You can accomplish this by using animated characters to demonstrate key actions in your training videos.

The animated characters don’t have to be doing the exact action you describe in your training. A pre-built animation of a character doing something that roughly represents the action is perfectly good.

Biteable comes with a library of animated character scenes designed for common workplace scenarios. Take this one step further and change the skin tones and hair colors of the animated characters so they best represent the diversity of your team. You can do this with a few simple clicks.

Finish with a call-to-action

The learner’s job extends beyond the length of a training video. There’s always something new to be learned or practiced.

End every video with a specific call-to-action (CTA) telling employees what they should do next, along with a clickable button that makes it easy for them to take that next step.

When you create a training video, your CTA can be as simple as “Learn more” with a link to a more detailed resource. Or “Watch the next video” if your video is part of a series.

When you create your training video, use Biteable’s CTA tool to easily add a clickable button.

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