Grow your channel with the simplest intro and outro maker for YouTube

Use Biteable’s intro maker for YouTube to make your videos stand out from the crowd. Our YouTube intro templates make it easy to start your videos with a bang and keep your audience watching for longer.

How to make an intro or outro for YouTube

  1. Head over to on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Log in or create a brand spankin’ new account.
  3. Choose from our growing list of YouTube intro templates. Or start from scratch, the choice is yours.
  4. Make your YouTube intro your own by adding video clips from our media library, choosing background music, and customizing the text.
  5. Add that bad boy to the beginning of your YouTube videos. Yes, it’s really that easy.
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Did you know?

YouTube intros and outros can help you boost watch time on your videos and help your channel grow its subscriber base.

Getting started with Biteable

How a YouTube intro can help your channel grow

Do your YouTube videos need intros? Probably not. Will a YouTube intro boost the professionalism of your videos and help them stand out on the crowded platform? Absolutely. Give your videos the best chance to get noticed with compelling YouTube intros, made with Biteable.

Look amazing on a budget

There’s no doubt about it, a beautiful YouTube intro will make your video appear more professional, watchable, and shareable to your audience. But don’t worry, a pro-level intro won’t break the bank. Create YouTube intros with Biteable and rise above your intro-less competition.

Cut through that YouTube noise

Over 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s an insane amount of footage. If you want your videos to get noticed, cut through the noise and help elevate your videos with the intuitive YouTube intro creator from Biteable.

Quickly boost your subscriber count

The more subscribers your channel has, the more people you can directly promote your videos to. The easiest way to quickly score new fans is to create a YouTube outro with a slick “Subscribe Now” button. And Biteable makes it easy to craft these videos in just a few minutes.

I am loving the features and editing options. As a novice I have been able to do a lot. Biteable is worth it!

Kritika, video maker (not her day job)

Tried a few video makers online, but Biteable is still the simplest way to get professional looking footage out there.

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The basics of video making

Start fast with the right YouTube intro template

The Biteable YouTube intro templates are the perfect place to get started. Our team is constantly creating new templates for you to try out, so dive in and pick one that suits your needs. From animated logo footage to YouTube channel trailers, we’ve got you covered.

Edit your YouTube intro to perfection

Start with one of our expertly designed templates — but don’t stop there! Insert your company’s logo and change the text. Add your own background music or peruse the vast Biteable media library for the perfect royalty-free track.

The sky’s the limit when you use the Biteable intro maker for YouTube.

Pull your audience in like moths to a flame

You picked a YouTube intro template and made it your own. You tweaked the text, swapped the blues and oranges for reds and blacks, and added custom tunes. Admit it, it’s lookin’ drop-dead gorgeous.

But before you sign off completely, add a few engagement elements to your YouTube intro and really make it a showstopper. Biteable offers tons of special effects, animated characters, and other fancy bobs and ends for you to use and abuse.

Make a YouTube intro faster than you can watch one

Pro tips for killer intros and outros

Create a YouTube intro that connects with your audience

Who did you create your latest video for? A crowd of potential customers? A gaggle of adoring fans? Your mom and dad? Whoever your audience is, make sure your YouTube intro gets them excited to watch your entire video, beginning to end.

Keep branding in mind

Ask yourself, “What kind of video am I making?” Is it for your company or for your family vacation trip? Is it fun and lighthearted or dark and brooding? Now craft your YouTube intro to match that mood and aesthetic to keep things consistent.

Short and sweet

Remember, we’re talking about YouTube intros. Now is NOT the time to tell your entire life story or ramble on and on about how “totally rad” your video is going to be. Keep it short and sweet. We recommend 15 seconds or less — just enough time to introduce your company or video topic and to get your viewers excited about it.

Craft a stellar YouTube outro

Don’t forget to show the end of your video some love too! Our YouTube outro maker will let you easily showcases other videos on your channel. It’s quick and easy to add a CTA like “Subscribe Now” and boost your channel’s subs. Or use a CTA like “Learn More” to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. From beginning to end, Biteable’s got your back.


Further reading

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