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Whether they’re members of your team, audience, or family, make people feel special with a stunning happy birthday video. Create videos that spread birthday cheer in minutes with the Biteable video maker.

How to make a birthday video in your browser

  1. Log in or create a new Biteable account — it’s free.
  2. Choose a birthday video template or create one from scratch using your limitless birthday creativity.
  3. Browse Biteable’s huge library of video clips, images, and animations.
  4. Drag and drop scenes, add your own footage, customize animated clips, and include text and music.
  5. Send your video to the lucky birthday person and make their day.

Getting started

A birthday video maker that brings people joy

Forget about boring birthday cards. Deliver your message in style with a happy birthday video instead.

A birthday video is fun, personal, and thoughtful. Make your team members feel valued, show your audience that you’re thinking of them, and give your family and friends a happy birthday message they’ll never forget. Gone are the days of filling someone’s desk and shelves with antiquated birthday cards — birthday videos are much more entertaining and take up no space at all.

Create a birthday video without blowing your gift budget

You need to make a birthday video, but you also need to keep your budget in check — after all, you can’t blow it all on a single birthday. Your happy birthday video should be affordable but still look great enough for the recipient to feel special.

The Biteable birthday video maker puts the power of birthday cheer into your hands, allowing you to create a heartwarming video without spending a cent. You can upgrade to the Plus and Ultimate plans at any time to remove the watermark.

Make a video in the time it takes to sing happy birthday

Biteable’s online video-making software is a browser-based platform that allows you to take your videos to the next level. Drag, drop, and cut your way to the perfect happy birthday video. Add custom text and animations, and edit the colors in seconds with Biteable’s style feature.

Choose from thousands of clips, images, and video animations, or add your own footage in no time. Finish it off with your final touches and export your video, all in a few minutes.

Make a next-level birthday video

The basics

The easiest birthday greeting and birthday invitation video maker around

Because there shouldn’t be any limits to your birthday video-making creativity, Biteable gives you hundreds of templates, music, clips, stock footage scenes, and customizable animations and motion graphics to choose from. Use our pre-made color schemes or create a custom scheme to perfectly fit the recipient’s style.

You’re not limited to birthday greetings either. Simply drag a few more scenes around, tweak the text, and you’ve got yourself a stunning birthday invitation video that’ll have people RSVPing “yes” as soon as it hits their inbox.

Need some inspiration? Try these 22 easy birthday video ideas.

Use a template to strike the perfect birthday tone

Making the perfect happy birthday video or birthday invitation from scratch isn’t easy. If you need inspiration, head over to the Biteable templates page and get started there. Built by experts (and birthday lovers), these templates give you the framework you need to create a professional-quality birthday video.

Customize your birthday video to suit the recipient

As far as birthday greetings are concerned, a little customization goes a long way.

Maybe the lucky recipient has a penchant for cats? Select from a massive range of adorable stock clips and watch their heart melt. Or they’re into the great outdoors? Add a sweeping mountain vista to give your birthday video a sense of adventure. Celebrating a lifelong friendship along with a birthday? Include a few personal pictures, then make them pop with Biteable’s photo-to-video feature.

Whatever you do, take a few extra seconds to find scenes that the birthday person will love. These simple customizations make your video all the more special.

Coming in as a complete novice, it was super easy to learn and fun. Love the results.

Keith, enlightened video maker

AMAZING APP! Love it. Very user-friendly and with all the features I needed for making a quick personal video!

Maria, newfound video-making pro

Pro tips

Better videos for better birthdays

You’ve got yourself a great happy birthday video ready to go. With a few more pointers, you can take it to the next level and give someone a birthday greeting they’ll never forget.

Make your message meaningful

Heartwarming visuals are one thing, but the content of your birthday video is another. Before you type in “happy birthday [insert name here]” and call it a day, think if there’s something more meaningful to say. If the person is an employee, write down how much you appreciate their hard work. Or if they’re a longtime fan of your brand, tell them what their continued dedication and support means to you.

Stick with a consistent style

You want your recipient to pay attention to the lovely birthday greeting you’ve sent them, not a jarring clash of different animation styles and stock footage. For birthday videos, the background scenes should support the text — not the other way around. Choose complimentary scenes to ensure the focus stays on your wonderful message.

Don’t go over the top

Biteable makes creating birthday videos so easy that it can be tempting to follow a “kitchen sink” approach — that is, cramming it full of anything and everything without caring too much about edits. While you aren’t limited to a super-short video, take care it doesn’t end up overly long either. Share a birthday message, not a birthday presentation. Short and sweet does the trick for a happy birthday video.

Further reading

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