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Creating awesome video is time-consuming and costly, right? You need dozens of hours, expensive (and confusing) software, and a bunch of professionals.


Video creation shouldn’t be painful, especially now that it’s quickly becoming an essential part of business marketing. Consumers can’t get enough — we watch about 1.5 hours of video a day. And it helps make sales — 81% of people decided to buy a product or service after watching a branded video.

You can use the power of video to increase your reach and grow your brand — even if you’re swamped with work. That’s exactly what ex-corporate marketer Jane Scandurra, founder and owner of the Scandurra Group, did.

Running a boutique marketing consultancy takes a lot of work and time, so Jane used Biteable to quickly make awesome videos for her business. Using Biteable was so easy, she even made a couple of videos for a friend’s business that generated a lot of shares and comments.

Naturally, we had to speak to Jane about her experience with Biteable and how it helped her save time and increase brand awareness.

About the Scandurra Group

Biteable: Tell us about your business.

Jane: Most of my 25+ year career has been spent in the corporate marketing world, working at industry-leading companies like IBM, Nokia, Prodigy, Bristol-Myers, and BBDO Advertising.

In 2008, I left the corporate world and started my own business, Scandurra Group, which is a boutique consultancy that delivers advisory, learning/coaching, and program management services to help professionals and (primarily B2B) organizations thrive in a complex, attention-challenged economy.

Primarily, I focus on marketing strategy and digital/social media enablement, helping companies drive more business through employee advocacy and social selling programs. I also help individuals with personal branding development in support of their social media engagement activities.

Biteable: How did you discover Biteable and how did you start using it?

Jane: To be honest, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Biteable, but I wanted to start creating promotional videos to help drive more awareness and consideration for my offerings as well as to deliver quick educational clips that support my client work. It didn’t take me long to be sold on Biteable’s capabilities and ease of use.

Biteable: What’s your biggest success with a Biteable video?

Jane: I’ve really only just begun to scratch the surface with all the creative ways I can use Biteable. My biggest problem is finding the time!

Three notable videos I’ve created to date:

This video was recently added to my website, Scandurra Group, to support my social media enablement offerings.

I created it to explain the importance of having social media skills in business. Still too early for results, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it!

I created this next video for one of my best friends who opened Nest on Main, a new home décor marketplace on Long Island in November 2017.

The purpose of the video was to introduce the store to potential shoppers and hopefully pique their interest enough to visit – and shop! The video was intentionally pinned at the top of the new Nest on Main Facebook page. For a local retail store, the video has been very well received.

Results to date (all organic, no paid exposure):

  • Reach: 7,000+
  • Views: 4,300+
  • 82 comments, 72 from shares.

I created this next video for my friend’s husband (my friend with the home décor store!) when he launched his new career as an independent educational consultant after retiring from the NYC Dept of Education.

He uses it as an explainer to potential clients on the value that he can bring to the college admission application process.

Biteable: How have your clients reacted to your videos?

Jane: All positive, they think they’re really creative and engaging. In fact, I have started to feature Biteable as part of my social media enablement training re: my students’ need to create original content that is helpful, engaging, and (hopefully) so good people want to share it with their networks.

All my students LOVE Biteable. I should probably be getting a sales commission!

Biteable: What do you do with your videos? Do you use them on your site, share them on social?

Jane: I use the videos in a lot of different ways including for websites, social media, email marketing, 1:1 demos/training, and in my training course materials.

Biteable: What has Biteable meant for your business?

Jane: It’s given me the ability to very easily create highly professional and creative videos at a very reasonable cost. Like I said, time is my biggest enemy.

Biteable has been successful in empowering me to take marketing creativity into my own hands without the need for an outside agency. I also use Canva, so together, you guys make me look good!

Without a doubt, the quality of the videos has helped to elevate my professional brand. Same for my clients’ brand new businesses that I create videos for.

Biteable: How much more or less effective do you think video has been compared to your other forms of communication?

Jane: People have no attention spans anymore. We are faced with too many distractions in both our personal and professional lives. All my work now is centered on addressing this. Video is quickly becoming the preferred communication vehicle for our attention-starved world. Reading just takes too much time.

Although Biteable is easy to use in terms of features and functionality, it’s still up to YOU, as creator, to know how to design a compelling, creative, entertaining storyline using the scenes that are available — and do so in a very crisp and concise way. That’s not so easy to do. But the more I work at it, the easier it gets.

Biteable: Do you have a favorite scene set?

Jane: I like the Frank, Robot, and Bear sets, primarily because each offers a wide array of different scenes in the library that can also be mixed together seamlessly — and they’re designed in such a way that the same scene can communicate a number of different messages.

Other sets are so different that you can’t mix and match as easily, even though one may be perfect to make a particular point. That’s something that I’d like to see improved.

Although I’ve used the animated characters a lot in drafts, I’d like to see more from the business set convey similar graphical messages that Frank/Robot/Bear do (if that makes sense!)

Biteable: What do you most like about Biteable?

Jane: It’s robust and powerful in its simplicity. Many competitors make things unnecessarily complicated with lots of bells and whistles that you’ll never need or use. Biteable gives you just what you need combined with a user interface that’s easy to grasp in seconds. You never think the end result could look so good from something so simple to use.

Biteable: Thanks Jane!

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