Electrifying Cyber Monday ads

Illustration of a computer monitor displaying a discount tag with "0%" shown, a cursor clicking on it against a dark blue background created using Biteable video maker.

Well-executed Cyber Monday ads can be a joy to watch. They do more than just tell you what the specials are. They pull you into a story, make you care about a brand, and leave you eager to learn more about their products, even after the Cyber Week sale is over Video ads can be a huge asset during the holiday period, and the exciting kickoff is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. People spend an average of $335 per person during that four-day period and the right ad can help you tap into that.

If you’re ready to create an awesome ad in minutes, head over to our template section and pick your favorite. But if you’d like a bit of extra inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Cyber Monday ads. (Check out Black Friday favorites here.)

Chubbies: Thighber Monday

This fun ad is irreverent and more than a little ridiculous. It doesn’t so much advertise Chubbies as capture the spirit of the brand.

The ad shows off a lot of Chubbies products in a fun scenario. Because everyone knows wearing your Chubbies outfit will turn you into the hero your shopping experience deserves, right?

Make your own: how can you show off your products and make customers laugh? Tell a fun story that aligns with your brand. Take inspiration from popular heroes your audience loves.

Aescripts: Better Than Cereal

How do you grab viewers’ attention when everyone else around you is trying to do it too? By going bigger and bolder.

Aescripts use bold motion graphics to create a bright, fun ad advertising their 25% sale for the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend.

Make your own: A great ad doesn’t have to be complicated. Just pick a great animated template and tell viewers a bit more about your sale. What are they getting? Why does it matter? Use bright colors and fun animation to support your message.

Target: Minion-licious

Target steers straight into the cuteness with this ad about a brother and sister talking about Cyber Monday savings while surrounded by adorable Minions. The Minion catchphrase “Bananas” draws attention to just how awesome their 15% off sale is.

Make your own: You probably don’t have Target’s marketing budget and won’t be able to buy the rights to fancy animated characters. But you can use ours — we’ve got cute animated templates ready to go with our own unique characters like Bear, Frank, and Sloth.

Herschel Supplies: Simplicity

This ad is as simple as they come. Herschel show a big computer monitor sitting on a beautifully designed office table: the type you see in shared work spaces. On the screen, we see the sign for Cyber Monday and then a selection of their products.

Make your own: You can create a simple slideshow of key products or use a similar fast-paced structure and show a customer looking through your offers. You can even highlight the ones with the best deals.

Old Navy: You Don’t Have To Go Outside

The crowds on the street around busy holiday shopping periods like Cyber Monday can be difficult to navigate without suffering a nervous breakdown. In this fun ad, Old Navy highlights the convenience of their online shopping service. You can get the same great Cyber Monday deals by ordering online — and treat yourself to a nice day in while your family think you’re out there doing the hard work.

Make your own: Why is shopping online better than going in to the store? What would your customers rather be doing? Juxtaposing these two ideas can make for a great ad.

Total Wireless: The Ghost of Cyber Monday

These theatrical ads from Total Wireless take Cyber Monday ads to a whole new level.

Eleanor wants to stay on her couch, determined not to go out on Cyber Monday, having decided the deals “aren’t that good anyway”. But over the course of the ad, she is visited by the ghosts of Cyber Monday à la Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. who give her the gift of a better shopping experience.

Make your own: Tap into popular stories associated with the holiday period and add your own twist.

Enchant your customers

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