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More frequently, corporate companies and startups are using recruitment videos to attract top candidates. Recruitment videos often appear on job sites to entice job seekers to apply for open roles. Depending on the industry, these videos are quickly becoming big budget items, but really, all you really need is an iPhone to create the perfect video for your company.

Why Recruitment Videos are Effective

Recruitment videos offer an engaging way to showcase the very best of your company. Candidates read dozens of job descriptions, and start to see the same selling points over and over again. Things like “great company culture” and “amazing perks and benefits” start to sound like buzzwords rather than features that make your company stand out from the crowd. With a recruitment video, your company becomes instantly more vibrant; candidates can actually see what it would be like to join your team.

Using a video helps put a human face to the organization. Today’s workforce is seeking jobs in which they feel connected to their managers. Millennials especially want to work for someone who they feel is invested in their future. Showing an actual manager or the CEO in your recruitment video is a quick way to form a connection with a potential candidate.

The best part of recruitment videos? Their potential viral factor. No one takes the time to share employment websites. But a well crafted, funny recruitment video is very shareable. These videos will actually benefit your marketing efforts in addition to helping you find great new hires. Take it from some of the best recruitment videos outlined below — the best videos add to your brand’s overall value.

Best Recruitment Videos

The best recruitment videos not only attract candidates, they augment a brand’s image. Here a list of some of our favorite recruitment videos.


Working at Dropbox

Talk about putting a face to your company! Dropbox’s puppets do an excellent job of upgrading a typical recruiting video by removing stodgy, corporate talking heads in favor of adorable, quirky puppets. Dropbox still gets their message across, discussing the company’s perks, office culture, and job benefits. The little details and humor bring a lot more personality to the Dropbox brand than your average recruiting video.


Shopify Hack Days

Rather than choosing to focus on the broad strokes of life at Shopify, this video highlights one specific event at Shopify — hack days. Hack days aren’t unique to Shopify; many companies have them. But what makes this recruitment video so effective is that they use the hack day story to feature their employees, their culture, their inclusivity, and their creativity. Also, bacon.


This is Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer relationship software. If your eyes glazed over just reading that sentence, you’re not alone. It’s not the sexiest industry in the world, which is why their recruitment video is so effective. By walking you through their company (almost literally) step-by-step, this video helps you visualize what it would be like to work there. In a few short frames, Zendesk comes across as down-to-earth and full of fun, laidback humans who are doing interesting and approachable work. Maybe customer relationship software is sexier than you thought!


At Twitter, The Future is You!

Oh, Twitter. This mockumentary style recruitment video is less about the perks of working at one of the top tech companies in the world, and more about the culture. By virtue of being Twitter, they have to do very little to sell their brand, and instead try to target potential applicants that will fit well in the office. It’s an engaging and entertaining video that gets straight to the heart of Twitter’s fun, sarcastic company culture.


Early in Career at Starbucks

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Twitter, Starbucks makes their recruitment video very personal. Starbucks focuses on students and recent graduates who are just beginning their careers, focusing on how the company’s opportunities for growth and mentorship. It’s targeted toward entry level candidates who are looking for a sense of security and an easy, welcoming transition into adulthood.

Recruitment Video Dos and Don’ts

Recruitment video production doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. As Twitter’s video shows, you don’t need to hire a fancy agency to get your point across. Instead, focus on your company’s culture as the selling point.

  • Think about the types of candidates who you want to attract. Starbucks has decided to create a video targeting young employees looking to grow into a career, whereas Shopify is looking for creative, innovative minds who want to be part of a smaller team. Your open positions will change, so create a video that will outlast whatever jobs are currently listed on your site.

  • Do try to find a way to show how your company is different. Dropbox’s recruitment video is a great example; though their company offers similar perks to other tech companies and corporations, their use of puppets makes their culture stand out. Don’t try to be too gimmicky though. Candidates are looking for an office in which they can be happy, not a place where they have to do trust falls every Tuesday.

  • Lastly, don’t forget to include a call to action! Recruitment videos have great entertainment value, but if they don’t lead to more applicants, they aren’t a good investment. Your ultimate goal should be to attract the right people to apply for your open positions. Craft a video that speaks to your target candidate directly, and make it easy for them to apply!

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