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Biteable is a leading LinkedIn video maker to help you meet your professional goals. Start fast with brandable scenes and templates, lean on in-app recording features and an intuitive workflow, and create LinkedIn videos that get noticed.

How to make an LinkedIn video with Biteable

Pick a video template or build your own with pre-made animated scenes.

Customize your video: add or remove scenes, include animated text, upload your own pictures and video clips. You can even add a voice over!

Download your masterpiece or share it far and wide on LinkedIn.

Watch your LinkedIn video drive customers back to your site.

Create LinkedIn videos with maximum impact in mind

Showcase company culture

In-app recording makes it easy to show off your team’s personality. One-click branding seals the deal.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

A browser-based platform with intelligent editing tools. If you can make a PowerPoint, you can make a Biteable.

Ready-made content

Choose from premium video templates, ready-made scenes, stock video clips, and unique animations.

Getting started

Biteable takes the work out of making LinkedIn videos

Whether you’re recruiting, networking, or showing off your company culture, you need a way to create LinkedIn videos without adding a lot of work to your day. Biteable is a Linkedin video maker with all the tools you need.

Studio-quality templates and ready-made scenes give you guide rails for success without sacrificing your brand’s unique style. Record video clips or request clips from your team directly in the app. Customize your video with on-point visuals designed for a professional audience.

Brand your video with your company colors and logo in a few, simple clicks. When you’re ready to publish, post it to your LinkedIn feed or profile with a simple link.

Create LinkedIn videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand video ads. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

The basics

How to create standout videos for LinkedIn

1. Start a free Biteable Trial

Start your 7-day Biteable trial. That’s more than enough time to create a LinkedIn video…or three.

You’ll have full access to all of the assets in Biteable, including a robust library with animations, video scenes, and templates for every goal, including sharing your company culture, recruiting, and just about anything else you want to achieve on LinkedIn.

2. Record your message

What better way to create engaging LinkedIn videos than with video clips from actual team members? Record video clips of yourself or request clips from others without ever leaving the app.

3. Make it your own

Pull it all together with an intuitive editing workflow. Use the Smart Editor to simply plug your video clips and visuals into a template. Or make it your own by adding new scenes, editing transitions, and fine-tuning every aspect of your video in the Advanced Editor.

4. Brand your video

Let Biteable fetch your brand colors and log from your website, and make your LinkedIn video instantly recognizable by automatically applying your company colors to your entire video.

5. Add a call-to-action button

Inspire action with a few words about what viewers should do after they watch your video. Adding a clickable button makes it easy.

6. Post your video

Use a single, trackable link to share your video to LinkedIn (and anywhere else you please), then watch the impressions roll in.

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Company culture videos

Enhance your enterprise’s internal comms with engaging and memorable video announcements.

LinkedIn marketing

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FAQs about creating LinkedIn videos

Your answers to the most frequently asked questions about making LinkedIn videos for upping your career game or recruiting with video.

Can you post videos on LinkedIn?

Yes. You can share videos almost anywhere you can post content on LinkedIn. Click the “Video” button in the post dialog box to upload a video. Or copy and paste a link to your video directly into your LinkedIn post and the video will automatically integrate into your post.

How do videos perform on LinkedIn?

Video performs better than any other LinkedIn content:

The numbers speak for themselves.

What format should video be for LinkedIn?

MP4 is the best video format for uploading to LinkedIn. LinkedIn also supports: MPEG-1, MPEG-4, AVI, ASF, QuickTime, WMV2, WMV3, H264/AVC, FLV, MKV, WebM, VP8, and VP9 file types. To avoid uploading, you can also post a link generated when you make a video using an online LinkedIn video maker.

How do I make a short video for LinkedIn?

Making short videos for LinkedIn is easiest with an online LinkedIn video maker, where you can build your video using ready-made scenes and a template as a guide for video length, pacing, and scene composition. Then upload or share your video with a link.

How do I record a video to post on LinkedIn?

The simplest way to record a video to post on LinkedIn is to record a video with your phone. However, it’s often faster and easier to use tools like the Record feature in Biteable to record your video and edit it all in the same place.

Pro tips

5 ways to make your LinkedIn videos instant classics

Here’s how to create engaging LinkedIn videos that support any content strategy.

Create a recognizable style

Use the same intro and outro scene in every you create for LinkedIn. Also, structure your videos with a consistent and identifiable introduction, main point(s), and conclusion.

This makes your videos more familiar to your audience. Your videos will get more attention when people can quickly recognize your content in the LinkedIn timeline.

Use engaging visuals

Self-shot videos and slide decks are relatively common on LinkedIn. To get attention, take an extra step and make a LinkedIn video that includes animations and animated text. This will really make your video stand out.

Biteable has animated scenes and animated elements that make it easy to add attention-getting visuals to your videos.

Keep things concise

In almost every case, shorter videos perform better than longer videos. For most LinkedIn videos, 30 seconds is a good target length.

But even in places where longer content is normal, such as LinkedIn Learning videos, make your videos as short as possible while still delivering all of the information.

Brand all your LinkedIn videos

Using your logo and company colors in your LinkedIn videos makes them more recognizable. You also want to get credit and additional engagement when people share your videos. Branding every video is an easy way to make sure nothing goes uncredited.

Branding your LinkedIn videos is easy if you use Biteable. The platform fetches your brand colors and logo from your website and builds color combinations for you. All you have to do is choose a color combination and add it to your entire LinkedIn video with a single click.

Include a call-to-action

When you create a LinkedIn video, it should alway have a clear purpose. This means there’s also an ideal action you’d like people to take after watching your video. But if you don’t tell people what that action is and give them a way to take the next step, most people won’t follow through.

This is old news to marketers. But if you’re not a marketing pro, all you have to do is add a short sentence to the end of your LinkedIn video— three to five words does the trick — telling people what to do next. Include a clickable link to make it easy for them.

“Learn more,” “Read the full report,” or “Apply now,” are all perfectly good calls-to-action. They work well without seeming intrusive or awkward.

It’s not difficult to add a clickable call-to-action to your videos. When you export a video in Biteable, there’s an option to add a call-to-action button. All it takes is a click and a bit of typing to make your videos actionable.

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