How RockITek used a Biteable video to save a product launch event

When a client’s product launch hit a roadblock just days before a major marketing event, chief-of-staff Tina Scogin jumped into action.
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In the fast-paced world of emerging technology, one value-added distributor pivots quickly with just days to spare

Emerging tech companies depend on RockITek to accelerate their product launches. So when a client’s product hit a roadblock just days before a major marketing event, chief-of-staff Tina Scogin jumped into action. 

Learn how she used video, and Biteable, to pivot quickly and save the day.

Product demo video

Ready in less than a day

Orders generated from launch event
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“We couldn’t have pulled this off without Biteable.”

The situation

A make-or-break launch event

A successful product launch can make or break a technology startup. 

That’s why RockITek’s clients depend on the white glove distribution company to accelerate their launches and get them the attention they need to be successful in the crowded tech space.

RockITek chief-of-staff Tina Scogin is integral to making this happen for the company’s growing list of clients. As an executive who wears a lot of hats, she’s been involved with many successful launches during her time at the company. 

She knows all too well that if even one detail fails to come together in time, it can compromise the entire launch. That’s exactly what happened to Tina recently, just days before a client’s major marketing event. 

With little time to spare and a lot to lose, she jumped into action.

Without a working product, Tina and her team had to figure out another way to showcase the most important features and get prospects excited at the live event.

The problem

How to create a product demo video in a single day

RockITek’s client was poised to launch an exciting new technology. They were just days away from a major marketing event that would put their product in front of a group of high-value prospects. 

But as the event approached, a huge problem emerged: the product wouldn’t be ready to demonstrate live until several days after the event. 

Tina and her team had to figure out another way to showcase the most important features and get prospects excited about the product. And they had to do it fast.  

Outsourcing a video vs. creating it in-house with Biteable

RockITek often uses video for sales, marketing, and event collateral during produced launches. The team knew that in the absence of a live demo, a well-made video still gives prospects a good sense of the product and what it can do for them.

But if they hired an outside contractor to produce the video, would it be done in time for the event?

Between creating a brief, waiting for the contractor to get to the last-minute request, and then going back and forth through at least one round of edits, the entire process would take at least a week — if they were lucky. In reality, it would probably take longer. 

They didn’t have that kind of time.

Outsourced video production

  • Cost prohibitive
  • Turnaround time = a week (or more).
  • Contractor not familiar with product. 

A video made in-house with Biteable

  • Well polished. 
  • Branded to the client’s product. 
  • Ready in a few hours. 

Using a contractor to produce the video was unfeasible given the tight timeline. It was also cost-prohibitive. 

Since outsourcing wasn’t feasible, Tina offered to make the product demonstration video herself, using Biteable. 

She’s used Biteable before, so she was confident she could create the video in only a few hours. Unlike an outside contractor, Tina was also already very familiar with the product and the client, so she didn’t have to waste time briefing a contractor or worry the contractor would miss the mark. 

She knew she could create a video with Biteable that was well polished, branded to the client’s product, and ready in only a few hours. 

By the end of the day, Tina had solved the problem with a compelling three-minute video.

The solution

Tina thinks fast and pivots quickly, with the help of Biteable

Using Biteable’s Screen Record feature, Tina recorded a short demo segment featuring the parts of the product that were already up and running. She added this, along with several product screenshots, into a video template and got to work.   

From there, polishing the video was quick and easy with Biteable’s intuitive tools.

Within six hours, Tina had a compelling three-minute video in hand. The video showcased the new product and clearly conveyed what it would help users do. 

“Biteable makes it easy to move as fast as I need to move…I can create a great video in less than two hours.”

By all accounts, the product demo video Tina created was a success. The launch event generated six orders within a week. “We might have gotten those calls and sales later,” says Tina, but the video she made with Biteable “sped up the process.”

In the world of tech product launches, circumstances change quickly. A company like RockITek has to be on its toes, ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. 

With video and Biteable, Tina was able to do just that, thinking quickly and solving her client’s major problem within a single day.

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Favorite feature

The results

How Tina accomplished her goal

Screen Record allowed Tina to seamlessly capture a product demo

Tina used Screen Record to capture a demo of the product in action. The recording was automatically added to her Biteable account and she placed it in the video with a single click.

Script mode made video creation quick and easy 

Using Script mode, Tina had a birds-eye-view of her entire video. From there, she could easily type in captions, rearrange scenes, and adjust transitions. 

Design mode allowed Tina to fine-tune her message

When Tina needed to fine-tune the layout of any video scene, all she had to do was toggle to Design mode. This mode turns every video scene into an editable canvas where Tina could drag and drop to adjust the layout and features.

Create videos that drive action

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An added bonus

Tina helps RockITek make the switch to asynchronous video for employee onboarding

Tina doesn’t just use Biteable for marketing videos. When she onboards new employees, she saves herself a full day of training time by using a series of videos she created with Biteable.


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