How we turned SurveyMonkey’s data into engaging infographics

An infographic with hands pointing to various statistical charts, including percentage breakdowns.
The collaboration

Data meets video

Data can be a beautiful thing, and nobody knows this better than SurveyMonkey. They’re experts in people-powered surveys, and their tool is used to gather more than 20 million answers daily.

With a wealth of data at their fingertips, the SurveyMonkey team has an endless supply of facts to engage their fans on social media. But here’s the thing. Visualizing data isn’t easy.

Percentages and statistics can be hard to wrap your head around quickly, and on Instagram Stories, you’ve only got seconds to hook the viewer. The solution? Video.

Just as SurveyMonkey is the data expert, Biteable is the infographic video expert. Recently, we came together to explore the best way to visualize data for social media.

The results are stunning.

Our aim

The perfect infographic template

At Biteable, we make a lot of templates. They’re used by small businesses and big brands alike to win over customers and engage on social. Our templates work because they’re based on real-world experience.

We chose to collaborate with SurveyMonkey, the leader in surveys, to get real-world insights into infographic videos, and in turn, to develop even better infographic templates for you.

Here’s what happened.

The outcome

Ba-ba-beautiful infographic videos

Together we created a simple goal: Turn complex data into engaging bites of video for the SurveyMonkey community.

We started by creating a unique infographic style for SurveyMonkey. We then created 4 ways to visualize their data. From this, we created 16 unique videos for SurveyMonkey to run as Instagram Stories and blog content.

What we learned

3 tips for taking your data to new heights

We handed the videos over to SurveyMonkey and they let them loose. The result? They scored engagement on Instagram and we gained valuable insight into what makes an infographic template sing. Just like this.

While we can’t offer you the exact templates we created for SurveyMonkey, what we can do is share the secrets we’ve learned for creating engaging infographics.

Here are three steps to create infographics as stunning as SurveyMonkey’s.

Note: If you want to get started straight away, pick from our most popular infographic templates.

1. Ask the right questions

To make the most of your data visualization, focus on finding data points that will help you capture your audience’s interest. What do your readers care about? What’s something that’s talked about a lot, but under-researched?

These are the kinds of questions that you can answer easily with a little research and a quick survey. According to SurveyMonkey’s research, 82% of people would rather read about data than opinions.

To help isolate the right data points for your company, try Surveymonkey’s Guide to Using Surveys for Content marketing.

2. Choose the right visualization

Certain data can benefit from different kinds of visualizations. For instance, bar charts are simple and effective ways of displaying multiple stats against each other or showing changes over time. Take another one of the videos we created for SurveyMonkey, for instance.

Here’s another example: The aim of this infographic was to showcase the value of recognition in career growth with a simple metric. A pie chart was the ideal way to encapsulate this.

Pie charts are a great option if you’re wanting to visualize ratios, percentages, and how different pieces of your business fit together.

3. Don’t just educate — captivate

Why not just visualize your data with text or an image? Simple. It’s not that interesting. Video content is far more engaging.

We ran a series of tests on Facebook recently and discovered that video outperformed images with 25% more reach and 480% more clicks. Couple this with the fact that video gets 1200% more shares and it’s clear why you should be turning your data into videos.

Visualize your data now

Get started with making infographic videos the easy way — begin with a ready-to-edit Biteable template. Choose from one of our most popular templates. Then add the numbers that matter to your business.

In no time flat, your data will be as beautiful — and as captivating — as SurveyMonkey’s. It’s easy as pie… chart.


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