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Twitter is a vital marketing strategy of every successful business — they’re bite-sized, engaging, and entertaining. Use Biteable to create your very own videos in the time it takes to write a tweet.

How to make Twitter videos in 5 simple steps

  1. Head over to Biteable on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. Choose the Twitter template that best suits your goals. Want to create an ad, make an announcement, boost engagement? We have the templates you need.
  3. Log in to your Biteable account. Don’t have one? Create yours now!
  4. Now it’s time to get creative. Customize your video’s text, colors, and images until you get it right. (Just remember to keep your Twitter video length under 30 seconds.)
  5. All that’s left to do is upload your masterpiece directly to your Twitter profile and watch your business reach its social media goals!

Getting started

Own the social media landscape with beautiful Twitter videos

If you’re not using videos in your Twitter strategy, you’re probably not seeing the engagement numbers you’d like to. Important studies conducted by important people holding clipboards tell us that video tweets attract 10 times as much engagement as their non-video counterparts. Case in point: the company that uses Twitter videos has an advantage. More importantly, the company that uses Twitter videos made with Biteable can totally own the social landscape.

Stand head and shoulders above the competition with beautiful and engaging Twitter videos

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the competition is fierce. Luckily, Biteable helps you rise above the fray by allowing you to create beautiful and engaging Twitter videos. The kind of videos that grab attention and help brands like yours stand out.

Start now, pay later (or never)

But isn’t video production expensive? Not with Biteable! Our platform and almost all features are available with the basic membership, with an unobtrusive watermark on the videos. Want to remove the watermark and get access to more features? Our low-cost plans give you all the functionality you’ll ever need, and then some.

Take back your day

You don’t have to be a video editing ninja to succeed with Biteable. You don’t even need to be a white belt at the local video-dojo. With Biteable, you just need a pair of eyes to choose the right templates and a finger to click on them. Our platform is so simple you’ll be creating awe-inspiring twitter videos in no time flat — which means you’ll have lots more time to work on your matchstick replica of the Taj Mahal.

So intuitive and easy to use – as a complete novice I managed to put together a great-looking video in no time.

Jack, no longer a novice

Awesome online platform to create brilliant presentations and graphic animation! Highly recommended!

Azlan, wonderful video maker

The basics

Engagement is the name of the game for videos on Twitter

The content you create for Twitter needs to be entertaining and engaging. If it’s not, why would anyone stick around and watch? No matter what kind of Twitter video you create, make sure it’s worthy of your audience’s attention. Fortunately, every Biteable template has been thoroughly tested to captivate your audience.

Our template library makes you an award-winning designer

No design skills? No problem. Biteable gives you access to hundreds of visually-pleasing templates to use for your videos. All you have to do is slightly adjust your template of choice so it reflects your unique brand.

Add your own unique flavor

While Biteable templates will allow you to craft stunning Twitter videos incredibly quickly, there may come a time when you need to branch out and create something completely unique. Biteable is still your best option. Simply choose the right animated scenes, footage, and effects from our media library (or upload your own) and mix and match them until your video flows perfectly.

Make it mobile-friendly

Did you know 90% of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile devices? This is definitely something you need to take into account when crafting your ads, announcements, and other videos on Twitter. Good thing all Biteable videos are mobile-friendly. All you have to do when using our platform is to craft a clear message.

Make videos that get people tweeting in no time

Pro tips

Twitter video specs

A social media video is only as good as its specs. If your video’s format is off or the size is all wrong, you won’t succeed. But never fear, Biteable videos are automatically formatted for Twitter so you can worry about creating, rather than the boring behind-the-scenes stuff you need an IT team to take care of.

Twitter video length

Just as tweets have character limits, Twitter videos have time restrictions. 2 minutes and 20 seconds is all you’ve got. This may not seem enough, but studies show that most viewers (80% of them to be exact) won’t even stick around for that. When crafting your Twitter videos, keep them short and to the point: 30 seconds or less is perfect. Then, at the end of your video, use an enticing CTA to direct viewers to your website.

Twitter video format

Ready to post a Twitter video? Make sure you get the format right. Currently, Twitter supports both MP4 and MOV video formats on mobile apps. For web-based Twitter video viewing, MP4 video formats with H.264 video codec and AAC low complexity audio are supported. Is your head spinning? Don’t worry, when it comes to Twitter video specs, all Biteable videos are automatically A-OK.

Twitter video size

To Twitter, size does matter: the platform can only support videos up to 512MB. Just remember, though, the Twitter video-length rule still applies, which means you can’t exceed the 2 minute, 20-second limit, even if your masterpiece still clocks in at less than 512MB.

Further reading

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