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Getting started

Reach new heights with Amazon video ads

As the king of e-commerce, Amazon sells just about everything to just about everyone. Promote your products and raise brand awareness with a video ad right in the middle of it all.

Amazon offers you different video ad options to pick from depending on your brand’s goals, objectives, and budget. Either promote a product listing within Amazon using a Sponsored Brands ad or turn up in other Amazon video content with OTT ads.

Whichever video ad type you choose, stand out from the crowd with a Biteable video (you made yourself).

Wow your ready-to-buy buyers with video

Advertising on Amazon comes with one major pro: audiences are searching with the intent to buy, buy, buy. Thanks to this high buyer intent and preloaded payment details, there’s only a handful of clicks between your ad and their purchase confirmation email.

By using video, you increase the chance of your ad being noticed and being clicked.

Compete against big brands without spending big

Creating professional-quality videos (that can compete with the big brands) is easy with Biteable. Start with a video template and customize it to match your product and offer.

Stand out on a page full of competing products with a video ad designed to do just that. Customize a ready-to-edit video template already optimized for Amazon. Use footage or a slideshow of images to showcase your product, then easily edit everything from text and colors to ready-made animations.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

The basics

Conquering Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads

Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads are shown within relevant search results and are attached to your product’s Amazon listing for easy conversions. Any brand registered on Amazon can create one, and with Biteable, any brand can create one worth watching.

Get all eyes on your featured product

A great Amazon Sponsored Brands video ad should represent your product in everyday use and clearly display the problem you solve for customers. Feature your product within the first second to engage shoppers from the get-go.

This type of Amazon ad restricts you to one product per campaign, so you’ll be able to focus your entire (between 6 and 45 seconds) video on the best bits of your featured product.

Remember, shoppers who have landed on the search results page have buying intentions; you just need to catch their attention with an eye-catching video that stands out from the rest.

Let’s sound off about sound-off viewing

Sponsored Brands video ads auto-play with the sound off and loop when they’re done. As such, you want to optimize for sound-off viewing. Include captions if required and avoid call-to-actions that encourage clicking the video (it will just unmute or mute the video).

“Biteable just makes your videos look amazing.”

“As video content becomes more and more valuable for a digital marketer, Biteable is an amazing resource to create stand-out video promos, ads, and stories. And the platform is super easy to navigate!”

Make a stunning Amazon video ad in minutes

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Pro tips

Going OTT with Amazon Over-the-top video ads

Amazon OTT video ads offer exactly what they say on the tin: an over-the-top advertising experience. You’ll show up alongside Amazon’s streaming video content (like Amazon Fire TV) on all types of streaming devices. This type of ad offering isn’t for everyone — it works best for brands with a bigger budget. But if you’ve got the coins to spend on the placement, make a worthy video from a Biteable video template.

How to take your videos OTT

Brands must enroll with Amazon to be eligible for OTT video ads. However, unlike Sponsored Brands ads, you don’t have to sell your products on Amazon to advertise this way.

With the OTT placement option, your video will show up before, during, or after OTT video content on a streaming device. We’re talking world-class content like the latest movie releases and Fire TV offerings, right alongside your brand or product. Sounds pretty snazzy.

Amazon Out-stream video ads

Similar to OTT ads, you don’t have to direct back to Amazon with an out-stream video ad. Out-stream video ads sit in rented out reserved ad spaces on Amazon-owned websites and apps, like IMDb, and let you link to your website or landing page of choice.

Create an out-stream video ad that targets your ideal buyer with a Biteable video ad template, or start from scratch to craft the perfect video ad for your brand.

Amazon video ad tips and specs

Amazon video ads typically follow general video marketing best practices, but there are some Amazon-specific specs to keep in mind.

As with Sponsored Brands ads, out-stream autoplay videos are muted and need to be created for sound-off optimization — use in-video text and images to convey your message.

These videos can be up to 3 minutes in length but should ideally sit around 15 seconds or less, with the core message delivered within the first 5 seconds of the video.

Amazon recommends sticking to the standard 16:9 aspect to avoid the dreaded black bars on the side of video content. You’ll also want to keep your video file size under 500 MB.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

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